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Straight to Build 90 from ...

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Scott Webber, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. Scott Webber

    Scott Webber

    Hi guy's,

    would it be possible to go straight to Build 90 from the Main Build, rather then Installing the Build(Beta) then updating each update 1 by 1.

    im not sure what way is the correct way (sorry for the noob question) iv'e been away from rFactor2 for a while.


  2. RedMetal


    You can download the full installer (491 MB)
    You can't upgrade first build to last directly
    And don't forget all the updates to cars and tracks
    Update everything to the last version available before trying anything and you should be fine.

    Before reinstalling you should save your package folder with the first version of rfmods (cars/tracks) so you'll only need to download the update for the cars and tracks and update them using the manage mod option