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Cars Stockcar Light Brasil 1.2


  1. Franklin Stegink submitted a new resource:

    Stockcar Light Brasil - SCLB

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  3. ThatRacingGuy

    I drove 88 MPH last night... weird stuff happened Premium

    No SRS file..
  4. kamackeris


    had a quick go and there is no collisions between cars....i was just driving through the AI !!!
  5. maybe we can release finished mods for AMS some time?
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  6. Added collision Box now and some new car shadows.
  7. Make one and then i look if it is finished;)
  8. To add a .srs file its not possible at the moment.
    Only reiza21 works.

    But there are a lot of mods that have that srs file.
    We must wait for reiza that we can add it.
  9. The mod is not bad, but have to improve some things. They have said above.

    360 degrees with 21 steering lock by default? I think 21 is to heavy for 360 degrees. I use 21 for 540 degrees. Reiza cars with 360 degrees have a 18 steering lock by defeault. It is more than enough to pass a closed turn as Loeb's in Monaco, or Macau hairpin.

    You can also make a SRS file, always following Reiza cars (reizaX). Like Hummer444 did on the Abarth mod. When AMS menu works properly, then the SRS file works too. Even if the image dosen't show in menu now, you can find the mod there and also in All Cars and Tracks section.

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  10. To have no mistakes with the mod:

    Set in your display options your player and oponents at full.
    I shall also rework the gen files to let it works on every level of detail.
  11. .srs files work fine as long as you name them in numerical order reiza21 reiza22 etc
    20160316221419_1.jpg 20160316221436_1.jpg all the EEC GT3 logos are different mods just not made a logo yet
  12. Thats nice it works.

    My problem is when i name it for example reiza22 and another mod has the same name, than it will be override.
    Thats not what i needed.
  13. Well for now save it with a high number and the person who installs the mod will have to use the next numbered slot and just put it in the readme install notes.
  14. Also when i do that i see no picture in the menu, only some red/white shadow.
    For me it only works with reiza21.
  15. @Thug-Life has make a little movie of the car.

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  16. Franklin Stegink updated Stockcar Light Brasil with a new update entry:

    Stock Car Light Brasil

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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  17. I downloaded and installed the mod... I'm guessing problems with my srs file. I took the stockv8 srs fill and changed it to StockCarLight But no cars show up when I get to the track session settings screen.
  18. Hi @Franklin Stegink I've have put together a .srs file and image that works if that's any help
  19. Hi
    If you want to create a working .srs file use the stockv8 like you did but have the top part look like this

    // Game/Season Info:
    Mod Name = Stock Car Light
    Track Filter = StockV8
    Vehicle Filter = OR: reiza97
    SafetyCar = CamaroSS_SC.veh

    Matchmaker = match.reizastudios.com
    Matchmaker TCP Port = 40001
    Matchmaker UDP Port = 40002
    Loading Bar Color = 13244190

    Max Opponents = 23 // maximum opponents in practice/quick race/grand prix/championship
    Min Championship Opponents = 5 // minimum opponents in championship only

    // Seasons:

    Season = Stock Car Light
    FullSeasonName = Stock Car Light Session
    BaseCreditMult = 0.0
    MinExperience = 0
    EntryFee = 0
    Vehicle Filter = |reiza97
    Max Opponents = 23

    and then save it as reizaX.srs X= the next numerical slot in the series folder ie if you have a reiza21.srs and no reiza22.srs then save it as reiza22.srs

    dont forget to create a .tga file and save that as the same name
    hope this helps
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2016
  20. Thanks daguru, that was the ticket. Mod works now :)
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