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Still problems with RBR Camera Hack v3.0

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Appie Kuipers, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. Yes Guy's, I did read the Readme severall times, still can't get it to work!
    I know I have to hit * key, select my favorite incarview, hit the Ctrl or Alt key, and asign a key for use! Does this have to be a F key or a Number key??
    Can't get my settings to save in CameraHack.....................argggggggggggg!

    Any simple explanation would be very helpfull, Thanks.......Hez.
  2. That too is in the FAQ: http://www.racedepartment.com/richa...rbr-rsrbr-faq-please-read-before-posting.html


  3. Its a number key, hold the left control button and hit a number to save. Jut hit the number to load.

    Camhack has to be active as well, I map this to return so its on no matter what by the time I get on stage.
  4. Camshack makes me CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!

    Still can't get it to work, Guy's I do this:

    start RScenter, start Camshack, start Race, when stage starts want to asingn key 3, my favorite!
    Hit Ctrl, hit key 3.
    Leaving RBR, shut down Camshack, shut down RScenter!

    Start again:
    start RScenter, start Camshack, when stage starts : HIT KEY3, and NOTHING!!!!!!!

    It makes me crazy, what do I do wrong?? Thanks for your support..........Hez.
  5. You need to hit the * key on the numberpad when in the game to actually activate CamHack, otherwise it's running but not doing anything.
  6. No need to start a new thread...

    Start RSCenter, start CamHack, start stage.
    Press *
    Change the camera the way you want it.
    Press Ctrl and 3 at the same time.


    Start RSCenter, start CamHack, start stage.
    Press *
    Press 3

    I tried it now, and it works as advertised.
  7. Thanks for your support, I think I found the problem, * does not work for, F1 does, why? I don't know.
  8. Hez, you can set your own preference for which key is used to activate Camhack.
    Open Camhack, click Control Settings (top bar), and there you can assign your own preferred key, usually * is the default key, maybe you changed yours to F1 at some stage? The Enable key is the first one at the top of the list.

    After you have made your preferences, make sure to hit Save and Close.

    I have attached the original Readme file from Camhack, it wasn't included in RSRBR2010.

    Attached Files:

  9. Thanks for your support!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Camhack works like a clock!
    Ha'v only one bug left: the shape of the cars in replay changes, then its wide, then its normal, and so on and so on??????
    Looks very strange, what could be bugging my replays??? Thanks for your support,........Hez.
  11. Yep, I have come across this one too, not totally sure how to solve it. It has something to do with making sure the resolutions are matched in both the replay and when you drove, but maybe someone else can chime in with the answer.
  12. Sorry me again, downloaded skin C4 2010 Loeb, where do I drop skins?, I know stupid some people ha'v that!! Thanks.
  13. I have the same thing as well, some replay views do not have the correct FOV. I do not think there is a solution for this.

    I am not at home, so can't help with the skin thing atm. Basically you need to replace one of your cars with the entire new car as vanilla RBR does not have the C4.
  14. Where did you download it? Can you provide a link?
    It depends whether it is a file that uses the Skin Manager, or whether it comes from another source eg. Blackhole Motorsports, in which case the installation may be different.
    Are you wanting to install this for use in RSRBR2010 or for only the base game of RBR?
  15. Downloaded it from Rallysim.fr
  16. Sorry, to be more specific: Rallyesim.fr, downloads,skins & templates, citroen, c4 wrc2008 (new3d), scrolldown..........c42010!! GL.
  17. Have you installed the rest of RSRBR2010 from that website? This is a skin for a car that comes in one of the carpacks. The first step is to install RSRBR2010, then the updates, then the car packs, then you can apply the skin.

    The stuff on that site is designed to be used with the RSRBR2010 mod, there probably is a way to get the cars by themselves, but it is all designed to work as a system.
  18. All installed, including skins, great game!!
  19. Good to hear, now you just need to get licensed with Racedepartment and you should be good to race in the RD Rally Club and League!
  20. Yep Hez, we'd love to have you join us. Next week's Racing Club Rally is a fairly easy one, and should be great for anyone who is new to RBR. We have a lot of fun, nothing is taken too seriously, and we even show video's highlighting our worst crashes or spills.
    BTW, I can even guarantee that you won't be the oldest guy there. :wink::wink: