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Still no rain fix?

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Richard Eriksson, Jun 22, 2015.

  1. So, as you know from my performance investigation thread, i am having a huge beef with some optimization work in pCars.

    The latest patch was awesome in that it bumped framerates radically on my NVidia hw.

    Also, i switched to an I7 Devils Canyon clocked at 4.8GHz. which helps.

    But still with the new patch the rain is not playable for me. I need 60+ fps in all situations, and my GTX980 and above CPU gives me a nice 85-95 fps in clear weather, all things maxed out.
    GPU usage around 70%.

    But as soon as rain hits, GPU usage is left at 75-85% and CPU only goes up slightly. Yet framerate is cut from 85 to 35... Which is the same for a lot of hw review sites opinions.

    So still the rain is a screenshot feature added for pr, at least for me who wants to race at a framerate that does not make you physically sick.

    Anyone having improvements after recent patch at all? I mean, i see improvements in clear weather, but rain is still unplayable and grossly unoptimized. Same on both console and PC.

    At least SMS should be aware of this by now. As for me, i run single races and no rain at all as it adds nothing to the game anyway apart from maybe PR screenshot possibilities.

    Happy with performance otherwise now, after patch. Still a bit dodgy utilization but a lot better on PC and seems faster on PS4 as well.
  2. I have had multiplayer races here in the RD club with nearly 30 cars in changing weather including light rain, heavy rain and storms and it works perfectly fine for me with most settings on medium and high. Never drops below 60 fps. And that is good enough. There is no stuttering or jerkiness.

    GTX770, i5-4670 over clocked to 4.4ghz. It works perfectly fine for me.

    Just the bugs that prevent me from using it more.
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  3. Yeah. I can achieve the same by putting the settings at "medium-ish". But that is still bad considering the game gives me 90 fps at full ultra all bells and whistles, but cuts to 35 fps at the first sight of rain.
    While utilization is still not changing so hardware is not used properly in rain...

    So, that makes it so you would have to alter settings depending on if it is rain or not to get the best performance. Not at all acceptable.

    I am guessing that you for instance would have like 150+ fps in clear but maybe 65fps in rain.

    Still not ok in my book.

    But of course you can get it to roll at 60fps but that's not my problem :)
  4. What I am trying to say is that it runs and looks just as good nearly at medium/high settings. And anything over 60 fps is not noticeable to the human eye.

    But if it essential that you have every bit of eye candy turned to the max then I can see your problem. I just race the damn thing.
  5. No no, i dont need all the eye candy. I just feel it is annoying that there is so large hit that it differs 50 fps from one weather setting to the other. That is a code problem, for sure.

    And that is a shame as you need to alter settings between races and restart the game (why not have settings stick without restarting) or suffer underutilization of your expensive hw across the board.

    And i still race it, every day :)