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Skins Stewart SF01 for Sauber C31 (SD) 1.1

Stewart SF01 Sauber Skin (SD)

  1. Watson690 submitted a new resource:

    Stewart SF01 for Sauber C31 (SD) - Stewart SF01 Sauber Skin (SD)

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  2. that image on the side needs flipping but dont know if both sides are the same you will have to look , maybe will just need flipping on the nose m8 but looks nice :thumbsup: GXmVWRQ.jpg
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  3. I knew something was wrong with that piece but I couldn't work out what exactly, I'll have to try that in the morning and if it fixed the issue then I'll reupload it asap. On track this is barely noticeable though (and it's possibly the only issue I've got with the livery)

    Edit: Fixed it, updated the download. Will update the images tomorrow xD Thanks for spotting that, I couldn't work out what was wrong with it before :)
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2014
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  4. Good job, its not easy to reproduce the design on the blue strop, i've tried for my own 1997 mod and you did better than me :)
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  5. If you want then you can redistribute this your mod, I honestly don't mind/care so long as you give credit where it's due ;)
    Also, thanks! I put a good couple of days into this livery. Definitely the longest I've spent on any so far xD
  6. The most difficult part with this liverie is to line up on every part the blue strip with is design. So i know how hard it is