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Steering wheel starts spinning uncontrollably

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Chadd, Feb 16, 2015.

  1. I just got this game because I heard all of the rave reviews about it...yet I can't even make it one lap around a track because I can't even make it out of the pits. I have no idea what settings I need to change, I tried to attach a video but it's not supported so I'll try to explain as best as I can. As soon as I pull out of the pits and turn the wheel even the slightest bit, basically just pulling out of the garage and turning the wheel maybe an inch to pull out onto pit lane, it starts spinning uncontrollably back and forth and it doesn't stop. I have a T300rs as my wheel, and I don't know what settings are relevant so I'll just post them as needed. Any help would be much appreciated
  2. Nox

    Staff Premium

    Go to Controller Settings and invert the FFB slider. i.e. if it is -80%, change it to +80%. Let me know if that works.
  3. This fixed it. I didn't even realize it was set to negative. Thank you for ur help. I'll give this game a shot now and see if I like it. Thank you again
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  4. I do not know how to even make the car go
    It is in 4th gear in the pits
    I chose the g27 button in the controller page
    but it had joypad designations
    I have no idea how to operate computers
    and am lost
    In AC I press the space then it says
    choose a button
    For example I press the right gearshift for up shift
    and it works
    this game am lost
    please help
  5. Is there a thread that describes how to do these steps?
    I've tried youtube but everyone assumes you know it all
    There is no 800 number or anyway to get actual help
    any way to find a tutorial it's not fair
    to assume everyone knows computers
  6. You have to go into settings into controls and choose the g27 preset. From there you can assign actions to each button. Not sure if that helps but I'll try to help the best I can
  7. Thank you chad
    I went to that spot
    Chose g27 wheel
    but when I went to race the car is in 4th gear
    no upshift no downshift no anything
    I wish I could elaborate better but I'm lost
    I'll try to take a pic and post
  8. Well I'm at work but I want to say thank you mates for helping me out.
    Yes, I'm embarrassed for basically being one of the last humans
    who can't operate a computer.
    I did learn myself just this last month what WinRar is and can actually
    download mods and stuff.
    But hey at least if the world ever resets
    I will no longer be lost with computers
    just a simple moron
    Thanks again you guys
    Chadd and Nox
    I promise not to bother you again
  9. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    You are on the right track then :thumbsup: That more than some people can.

    With regards to the 4th gear problem, if you are using paddle shifters, make sure you dnot have your H shifter engaged in that gear.

    Can that be it?
  10. I've had this happen before and never even thought about checking that. That might be your solution
  11. Mr Bram,
    apologies I just finished work
    As per last nite
    I was thinking I would have to to this:
    When in controller page
    I didn't know one just had to find your wheel
    (In my case the g27) and just click "load" I saw all the designations above that had keyboard stuff and was trying to reassign them and making thjngs worse
    Once I had a car functioning I was just elated to do what Chadd said
    and go have fun and I took a few laps around interlagos and had a ball
    the ff is very nice
    I've tried iracing I do like it but having only about 2 hours per week to race
    It just used too much time
    I have AC and I thought going in that it would be good for me
    but the AI is horrible
    I tried to like AC but I just can't get into it
    can rotate :18.209 @spa with BMW z4 gt3
    but for example it took about a month worth of my couple hours per week
    just to set one car up!
    I bought GSC because I read the forums here and enjoy all of the
    cool and helpful racers and many of you raved about it
    Before I use up too much forum space I just want to say
    I'm not planning on being a casual racer I want to become as good
    and knowledgable as many of you guys are. I love simracing, love to be a
    clean racer, but it will be a while before I'd even think about racing online
    I see a lot of race ruiners on youtube
    I'd rather get it right and for now just be the resident weirdo
    If I need more help I'll PM you guys
    Thanks agin for everything