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Steering Wheel Range

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by jnl.42, Nov 24, 2010.

  1. I know there is a setting for it in rFactor but can't find it in GTR. It's the setting for the steering wheel range in the cockpit, as default it's at 250 degrees or something by the looks but my wheel is set to 540 degrees so it looks wrong in the cockpit. Where do I find this setting?
  2. I have been under the impression that you can't change it in GTR Evo... :frown:
  3. I just drive with the steering wheel off, lets you see the motec and the shift lights better. Apart from in the BMW 320si
  4. ow didnt even know you could turn it off? :)

    Also cant change it ingame asfar as i know only on your device properties (profiler or windows control panel) although if unchanged it should be on 200° (standerd setting)
  5. I,m almost sure you can change the range of your virtual steering wheel in .plr file. But as Willie said, why would you have 2 wheels in front of you, turn it off in game.
  6. for some cars, the MoTeC is on the wheel, like the F1 cars and the BMW E90 (I think)
  7. .PLR file

    Steering Wheel Visible In Cockpit="1" <<< turns on / off wheel

    but no visual steering angle adjustment in the .PLR file...
  8. Gunthar, I don't drive the F1 but the only one that I'm aware of that has the motec on the wheel is the E90 WTCC which when you turn off the wheel has no shift lights either. which is a pain if, like I do, you drive without the speedo in the Hud. The E90 STCC Seq does have visible shift lights with the wheel off.