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Steering lock settings no effect?

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Richard Eriksson, Oct 27, 2014.

  1. After the latest update that gave us individual steering lock settings from car setup, i thought this would be like "vehicle set" in rF2 or similiar. It does not seem to work that way, or at all for that matter.

    If i set the animation to 900 degrees and my wheel to 900 degrees rotation, to match up, i simply thought the setting on the car would restrict the wheel to say 400 degrees for the Radicals, like in AC or rF2. But it does not do this. I still have 900 degree rotation with no triggered soft stop on the wheel and a very low ratio (due to 900 degree of rotation matched with low steering lock).

    This makes the default steering lock not match up and i have to use excessive steering.

    I can remedy this by setting my wheel to exactly the rotation specified by the car chosen, then set animation to match this. But this is like old rFactor1 territory, and i thought this new setting should fix things like that?

    There is a programmable stop in all wheel firmwares nowadays anyway (see AC, pCars, rF2 for reference)...

    Reverted to setting my wheel at 540ish and disregarding ingame settings at all for the time being.

    Wheel is Fanatec GT3RSV2, with latest official firmware.

    Is this a bug or have i misunderstood this function?
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  2. Andi Goodwin

    Andi Goodwin

    set the wheel rotation to 900 in the fanatec profiler and off on the wheel and it should then set the lock as per car , as for the animations i dont know as i never use the incar wheel in car or the arms as it confuses the hell out of me (as i can see my wheel and my hands and that good enough for my brain)

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  3. While it would be nice to have one/one on screen input with the wheel on screen, it really does not matter, When you are driving are you really looking at your wheel rotation when entering a corner ??
  4. The hands-on-wheel animations will become more and more important with Oculus Rift. ;)
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  5. Well my main concern is not the on screen wheel animation. It is the actual rotation allowed,that is still 900, despite setting something else in vehicle settings.
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  6. I turned it off on the wheel when testing the feature, but i did so after starting the sim already. I will try to do that prior to starting it, to see if that works. Maybe settings are read at start up, for the connected devices (rF2 does this for instance)...
  7. Ok, i think this works if you set it to off on the wheel prior to starting rre. Then it seems to pick up on it. It seems to correspond to the setting now. Still there is no soft stop feeling in the wheel though. I can still keep turning it to full 900 but the sim seems to disregard input now, if above set value.

    The soft stop is programmable in firmware and should be added...

    But the in game animation is not set to the same value causing it to turn to the full 900 degrees, or whatever it is set to. Desirable, would be if the sim would set visible rotation to the same as steering degrees in setup, every time it changes. This would probably not be a lot of code to add seeing as the features are already there, even if they are not working together.

    This is for instance how rF2 and AC does it.

    But for now i will turn off the in game wheel. It is slightly confusing yes, but i like to have the top of it visible at my low fov setting, to see on the screen (in eye focus) the amount of steering input.

    But by changing my physical seat position irl, i can get it to work anyway...
  8. Andi Goodwin

    Andi Goodwin

    yep , i jhave my screen set up infront of the wheel (i jig it a bit left or right to suit the car , also my wheel is set like in aussie v8's etc that is its just below my nose level as such , that way i line the ingame motec display in the wheel gap as in real life