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Steerig wheel PC/XBOX 360: I need an advice!

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Skarafaz, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. Hi! I'm looking for a good entry level (budget: 100-120 €) steering wheel; I need it mainly to play F1 2011 on my PC! But if bought a steering wheel, I'd like to be able to use it with my Xbox 360 too :tongue: (Forza 4...)! Is there a good wheel which works correctly on both PC and Xbox 360? Can anyone give me a hint? Thanks.
  2. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    Skarafaz if you use the search function top right it will pull up some threads for you.
    Always best to search b4 posting a new thread.
    Wheels PC and Xbox

    Hint Fanatec CSR is the only one that will do it. Appr 200euro
  3. You have other options, but it's gonna be a case of searching high and low for a good deal. Ebay perhaps?

    You could go with the GT2 or the CSR/Elite
    I have the GT2 but you have to purchase shifters and pedals seperately.

    But you won't get a decent wheel for under 200 I'm afraid...

    Would the official M$ 360 wheel work on PCs like their game controllers do?