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Steam want to rape my wallet...

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Pawel Bednarczyk, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. This is very funny situation...

    First, im from Poland so realese date for F1 2010 was set on 7 october (today)...im pre-ordered via steam, payed with my credit card...and waiting...till 23-24 september when F1 2010 was officialy realesed...

    cause my patience is equal 0 i downloaded VPN soft and playing till today everytime doing connection via UK :p

    and now we got october 7 but...F1 2010 isnt anymore avaible via steam in my region wtf?
    some ppl said in Brasil is similar situation...

    very funny...

  2. Ross Garland

    Ross Garland
    A legend in my own mind... Premium

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Steam. :pcbeat:

    If I didn't need it to play Race 07 online, then it wouldn't come within 50 feet of my computer. I even bought the game + expansions on DVD so that I wouldn't have to hand any money to them.
  3. You know mate i got my account on steam from the first steam day 12 september 2003, with many games but something like this is first time...
  4. I have been using Steam since it first came out as well. The only issue I have had with it is trying to convince paranoid people that it won't eat their babies.

    That said, it sucks that you have encountered this problem. I hope you find a way around it.
  5. Yep i hope too..i sent ticket to support and now must wait cause they sleep...but tbh i dont know what to do i this situation, demanding refund?...dunno.


    dunno what happend but my game is unlocked now ^^

    but in store is still unavaible. weird.
  6. It seems to me that Poland and Brazil are two of the countries that Microsoft Games for Windows Live has issues with. I wonder if that is at the root of the problem.

    Have you tried looking at your Steam "Settings" tab under "Downloads + Cloud" there is a dropdown box to select Download Region. Maybe try setting it to somewhere you know is supported, like UK - London. Not sure if that will work with Steam, but I know some people had to put England or the US as their country when registering their key with GFWL.
  7. No, no my account from GFWL working fine im using it in other games, and like i said steam just ublocked my game, so at last i can play normally w/o VPN connection ;]

    but for the rest (i mean ppl w/o pre-order) is unavaible in steam store.
  8. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Did you install steam? On the picture in the first post it says you don't :)
  9. Hey Bram did you read whole thread? ^^
  10. Ross Garland

    Ross Garland
    A legend in my own mind... Premium

    Not all of us are paranoid. I had multiple issues with Steam in the past, which is why I quit using it until I was forced to do so in order to play a particular game online. I also know various other people which have had numerous issues, including one who lost a significant sum of money and never got it back. That is why they'll never see a penny of my hard-earned cash.