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Steam refund works

Discussion in 'F1 2015 - The Game' started by jacktorrance, Jul 16, 2015.

  1. - I tried my advanced TSW steeringwheel, but it was not supported by F1 2015
    - I tried the xbox 360 controller but somehow a controller being sold over 16 million times, is also not allowed into the advanced settings.

    Time has come I asked and got a refund for F1 2015, and deleted the game from my account. In that I think Steam offers a great service. Beware not to play a game longer than 2 hours, and youll be able to geta refund within 2 weeks after purchase.
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  2. Yes. It works. Why are you making a thread stating it works? It's worked since launch...thousands of people have had working refunds since launch. It works.
  3. To kindly remind people who are as disgruntled with Codemasters latest offering, there is also an option to simply return it to them and let them figure it out. Usually a good incentive to publish and sell finished products instead of this current mess.
  4. IMO 2hrs is not enough, It took me more than 2 hours fiddling with the game to realize it wasn't me or my PC but the game was seriously flawed. It wasn't until I started turning to this and CM's forum that I saw there was a serious problem brewing.
  5. This and CM forum is a good place to start. I waited until a few reviews came in to sway me into buying. I could live with a lot, but not even managing to get a good, decent steering wheel working because 'it isnt supported' made me stop in my tracks quite fast.
  6. Brian McManus

    Brian McManus
    Steam: Brian Mac Premium

    You could made a custom profile for ur controller in game ?
  7. I'm enjoying the game with my wheel but I understand some people are displeased.
  8. I too hear you all. Its just painful in many ways.
    I have both ps4 and pc version, BUT i have the plus of a thrustmaster ts 500 with f1 so i can and at least did get a decent go. Not without a crap load of pain i must say.
    its the best they've made imo.. for driving and feel out of the box i really like the way its math and the way it drives. Modding always refines that of course.
    I'm sad that PC is generally unplayable, but they can keep my $50 aus ( about 3 euro i'd think..) surely it will get better? Maybe .
  9. Yes you can. Strictly speaking it is working, but you cannot access the advanced settings and make the wheel usable to actually control the car. Since it is a game, and not an actual car, as a player you are already very disadvantaged that you cant feel or see as you would in a real car, and so options to manipulate the control interface is the least Codemasters could have done a lot better. Especially for people like me investing a lot of money in special steering wheel controller equipment.
  10. What could be the last straw with this game, is if it cannot be modded and i have read some posts that imply that.