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steam problem (game already running)

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by mizz, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. hello everybody,

    i searched this forum for an answer regarding following problem.
    since the last week everytime i start f1 2012 there is
    1. shown the f1 2012 logo and then a message is promted "steam error (App already running),
    2. or the game starts and after confirming my profile the message appears.

    the first thing i made was to validate the data, took me half an hour, resulting in deleting all of my helmets and the tires from vlasovas.

    i installed some of the liveries and the tires again, resulting in the same scenario.

    weird thing is, if i start a new profile, everything is seamless and without problems.

    after two years with gfwl f1 this is very anoying.

    is there anything that i can do to prevent steam for mismatching my data all the time.
    we are talking about some helmets and car liveries from ml2166, warok, supply or gerald.
    nothing special.

    i think i´m not the only person around here using some painting mods to fresh up the game...

    thanks in advance
  2. You can disable steam cloud sync if you haven't already. For error app already running, I got it last week and it was fine after restarting steam. So can't help you there.:(
  3. sad to say, that i tried this already. reinstalling steam doesnt help either.
    i´m tired of this because it could be so easy without steam. ;-(
  4. try using steam offline
  5. on- and offline this problem exits (yoda quote ;-))
  6. Don't have the game, but try deleting the .blob files from the main Steam folder.
  7. i had to validate my cache files and delet my profile ;-(
    its so anoying, in the middle of a career season.
    all of my settings helmets and progresses are gone. its the 2nd time so far.