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Steam Pricing Wrong Again....LOL

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Nigel Roberts, Dec 27, 2008.

  1. You guys might have noticed all Steam games are discounted untill 02/01/09
    Steam are advertising Race 07' for $4.99 down from $19.99 (amazing price) and GTR Evolution Add-on for $17.99 down from $19.99 plus they are also advertising GTREvolution complete with package with Race 07 for $26.99 down from $29.99:clap:

    Hmm lets see pay $26.99 for the complete package or pay $4.99 for Race 07' and $17.99 for GTRevo you get exactly the same thing and pay $22.98 :laugh2::highfive:
  2. You can get bioshock and other games for under $10 also, quite a few good deals but it just makes up for the normal high prices steam charge. You could allready pick up GTR Evo full for under $20 in normal stores :)
  3. I was hoping they would have dropped the STCC price more, and was hoping Half Life 2 Episode 2 would be extremely cheap by now too. Oh well.
  4. Don't worry. If Valve keeps up their odd way of marketing new games, it's probably best to wait untill they've released episode 3 because you'll probably have to buy all the Half-life games over again in some package just like the Orange Box...
    However the pricing wasn't too bad. Almost feel like i got HL 2 and EP 1 for free...only almost though. But for those who only wanted EP 2, it was really annoying.

  5. For 26,99 you probably get also the STCC package...
  6. steam seems to be good at shooting themselves in the foot IMHO
  7. Nope I checked it clearly shows all the content only being Race 07' and GTR Evolution. I have a feeling though if you purchased at that price and complained that it dosnt add up correctly they would offer you STCC as compensation :) as they did last time they made that sort of mistake.