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STCC qualifying bug

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by William Yunck, Nov 3, 2008.

  1. I have a problem when qualifing starts, I am able to do a few laps, and then if I go back to the garage fo setup changes I am unable to rejoin Qualifying. the qualifying button is dead, meaning if I click it nothing happens. In the club race tonight this happened so I thought I would reconnect, but then not only could i not qualify, it wouldn't even load the other guys on the server. Does anyone else have this? it happens a lot on my game.
  2. That, Mr Yunck, is Superpole. You only get one 'out lap', one 'hot lap' and one 'in lap' to set your laptime :)
  3. ah, didn't realise that, but it wouln't load anyone even when i reconnected, I couldn't even see the track, it was just black.
  4. I would guess that is it's way of preventing you disconnecting, reloading the track and setting a second lap.
  5. Ah lol, superpole uh. I have been experiencing the same thing and did not realise it was superpole.

    One thing puzzles me however, no other cars will load when I do my qualifying lap. Is this intended as well ?
    Also had the pleasure of no cars loading on a track when going for the race, sometimes they was blinking a split second to vanish again. Is this a bug or some sort of glitch?

    And is there any fixes, known fixes that is ?

  6. It is normal that you dont see other cars during superpole qualy!
    If this happens before race start try pressing + and -.
  7. Allright then thanks, qually is clear but what would the + and - do for me ?
  8. That is when you don't see any car on the starting grid. If you press + then you will go to the car in front and when you press - you go back to your own car again, and normally you would see all cars again on the grid.
  9. Ah as in the keybind, cheers lad !
  10. Hi Guys

    The Superpole is great watching live on the STCC events. But first now You realise how hard it is...

  11. havent watched any stcc event yet cause its not available here in my area, so im really a noob on this series. does stcc events also have two races like the wtcc and weight penalties? how many laps per race do they do on these small tracks. nice tracks btw a lot of airtime lol
  12. STCC is a single race just under twice the distance of a WTCC race with mandatory pit stops. Though for 2009 I think they're going to WTCC format of 2 races.