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STCC Download From Steam.

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Mark Guy, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. Hi.
    Can someone tell if during the DL of STCC from Steam I lose connection, will it automatically start downloading again when I log in to Steam? :madgrin:
  2. If you lose connection it will pickup where it left off.
  3. Yup :)
  4. I tell you why I ask. I am doing the mini race tonight and want to stop the download when it's time, do the mini race and then let it carry on when the race is over. :)
  5. In the Steam screen, you can right click on the game, pause the download, and resume it later.
    Better than having the download running while you are trying to race on-line.
  6. I used all my data cap last night, but i purchased another gig this morning. Now the only problem is.. Steam says the DL is restarting which it has being saying for almost an hour but nothing else seems to be happening. Very little activity on the router. Do I just leave it, or any ideas.?? Oh and it was on 91% when I last saw it last night.
  7. just try right clicking on the game and pausing the download then unpausing it, or double click the game so that it starts trying to download it.

    Steam will never actually restart a download from the beginning unless you delete the files. :)
  8. Thanks Matt. I double clicked as if to launch the game and it immediately started to DL. :) It's on 93%
  9. Hi, can anyone tell me how big the expansion pack is to download from steam?
  10. for STCC, about 510MB
  11. Thanks, what about evo?
  12. I think Evo was closer to 700 for the expansion.