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STCC class not showing

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by daFink, Oct 23, 2008.

  1. In the online server window the STCC class doesn't show (it shows as unknown, all other classes show including Camero) and when i click

    to join it says 'server is running an updated or modified version' anyone help with this ?
  2. can you give some more information about your current game install...
  3. Race07-GTR Evo (expansion)-STCC (expansion).

    Starting either .exe (Evo or STCC) the STCC shows as unknown in the classes yet the camero shows and other Race/Evo classes i can

    join them.
  4. I tried deleting STCC local content steam, which also deleted GTR Evo:( so had to download the two add-ons again, installed but made

    no difference. I then backed-up Race07, GTR Evo and STCC via steam, removed local content via steam and deleted Race07 folder from

    steamapps, rebooted and installed from back-up and everything is working as per normal again...finally get to race again :)
  5. I have the same problem, if i delete that race 07 folder would i lose that game and i need major help showing as unknown online aswell????
  6. Boot up STCC, then boot up GTRe, it should work :).

    Failing that boot up STCC, then RACE then GTRe
  7. That does not work mate ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  8. I didn't find a work around Darren, i used steam to bacK-up the 3 games (Race07/GTR Evo/STCC) deleted local content in steam

    (right click on Race07) and i also deleted the Race07 folder within the steam install directory. Its a complete reinstall with added

    skins/tracks etc lost but you won't have to download anything as its all backed up to hard drive, drastic i know but only thing that sorted

    it for me...
  9. OHHH i have the same problem . I can only see camaro servers but no STCC
    I ve try to delete SCC Demo,but no succes and I am not able to see the STCC Demo in Steam Interface ,cant download Demo again .????
    Help please
  10. I found it. I delete all Custom Skin.Now it shows STCC Games on servers