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Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Ivo Simons, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. Guys why does nobody drive anymore the STCC C30 in the club anymore?
    Just looked back to alot of races and nobody is using it anymore. Still find it a beauty to drive.
    Reasons? :)
  2. Ross Garland

    Ross Garland
    A legend in my own mind... Premium

    Maybe people think that all of the C30s are banned? I know it says 'C30 2008', but you know...
  3. Hmm might be a reason. :)
  4. I raced it a few times in club events but prefer saloons so that is the only reason I have for not using it
  5. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    I drive a modified C30 for the ATCC, and I enjoy it. I don't know that I will continue to drive it next season due to my like of RWD cars, but it is a good car none the less.
  6. What is changed btw at the ATCC version? :)
  7. SimBin applied the necessary weight penalty to the wrong car (it was only the WTCC C30 that needed the extra weight) so the STCC C30 has been stilted unfairly. I think the main reason people don't use it is because the wrongly-applied weight makes it ridiculously slow. The ATCC mod restores the C30 to how it originally was.
  8. Really? Thought it was quite matched with other cars like Honda and Seat.
    2008 version is still to fast indeed. Easy 0.500 faster then any other car on a 1:11 lap.
    Where the STCC was running the same times as the Seat and Honda. But maybe thats me. :)
  9. I ran the C30 stcc at Shanghai today, but it didnt seem that slow I was running the same pace as the front runners, I think the main reason why people dont run it is becous, they think it is not allowed like Ross said, I did a race in the C30 at Estoril last year and people started telling me I couldent run the C30, and I had to tell them it was allowed since it was the stcc version.
    But then again I still miss my C30 08, becous im quite fast in that one, and I think some of the BMWseq. cars need more competition ;)
  10. Nice you used it. :D
    Hopefully people now know you can use it in the Club. :)
  11. Hmmm... well if the weight penalty wasn't applied (or if it was reversed in a patch), the STCC C30 is still blameless... I hope more people use it.
  12. Sure this thread helped. ;)
    And Morten you had the second fastest race time after the 320 STCC. :)
  13. Oscar Hardwick

    Oscar Hardwick
    RDTCC S9 Champion Premium

    I don't use the c30, not because it's bad, regardless of it's spec. But because ever since my first RD club race I have been in love with (for no good reason) the STCC 308. That said it would be great to see all the cars even closer than they already are and make racing yet more fun than it already is.
  14. I agree with how Oscar sees things.

    After a troublesome time driving the 08 Petrol Leon, I fell out with hatchback Touring cars and switched to Saloons.

    Then fell in love with THE best looking touring car ever, the Alfa Romeo 156. :love::redface:

    But I do want to be able to drive most of the touring cars (I've lately been trying, with some frustrating results :mad:, to drive the STCC BMS as fast as my Alfa).

    I think the C30 is one of the better cars out there, and Morten showed it wasn't at all slow at Shanghai.

    I think a big thing though is that, people would probably have started playing this game with a car they saw while watching WTCC or with the cars avaliable in Race 07. Both where the C30 was or has been absent for a while.

    So I'm sure if someone gave the thing as much time as I've given to the Alfa, the pocket rocket will return to the top. :D
  15. Oscar Hardwick

    Oscar Hardwick
    RDTCC S9 Champion Premium

    Just to add to what Ethan went on to say. Since we are talking about the volvo in club events here (namely the C30), there is also the fact that the faster drivers have car preferences, for example the Honda is a favourite among many and so is used a lot, but it is not the favouritism of cars I am thinking of but rather how the choice of car that the fastest driver uses effects the use of that car amongst newer/ slower drivers. It would immediately change the use of any car if a good driver put it in say the top 5. All the C30 needs or any underused car for that matter, is for a fast driver to exploit it where possible.
  16. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    Not real sure that exploit it is a good quote to use :) But I understand where you are going. If some of the faster drivers were to start showing up on podium spots with the C30, the slower drivers would start driving it as well.
  17. The "banned" C30 is 30kg lighter as per the real life car (due to fuel type used or something (I forget)), but in this game it uses petrol like all the others and therefore should be on par weight wise in game...
  18. Maybe a mod done by RD's resident Kiwi modder to change the weight of the 08 Volvo C30 is in order.

    To me, all I care about is that not everyone is driving the same car almost. A grid of 75%+ of Hondas doesn't please me and makes me sad. I just love to see variety, and I feel that, that is one of the best things tht Touring cars have other other racing.
  19. C30 was the darling back in the day when I started here. It was faster than other cars period. It did get patched and that killed the model for sure as it died on the vine very quickly.

    NOt sure about the patch being slotted on the wrong car though as the STCC model was too quick in it's own right.

    I tried it for ATCC preseason testing and it was not any quicker than other cars. But it was a eating tires kinda quickly........