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Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by David Garcia, Feb 14, 2010.

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  1. Hello guys,

    now that every team have decided on wich car to use next seasson is time to start skinning your machines.

    Find the templates and render scenes here: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=BO9ESIR9

    Please, read the READ ME files carefully, and if you have any doubt don´t hesitate to ask.

    Cheers and good luck,
  2. I have a question about the Saleen Mustang. I wonder how to edit the banner on the windscreen? I have edited the "MUSTANGSE_RGLASS.dds" where you can find into the "Saleen Mustang STC\DATA" folder. After i saved it into my "Saleen Mustang STC\Project D" folder where you can find 09042HR_MUSTANGSE_BODY1.dds, 09042HR_MUSTANGSESTC.car and the new 09042HR_MUSTANGSE_RGLASS.dds files. Maybe i have to add something into the ".car" file in order to use my glass.dds?
  3. I am attaching an example folder for Project D with the window banner working. Find the example folder here: http://www.mediafire.com/?momjwmm5jqm

    As you will see I have renamed the file extracted from the data folder adding the project D number "10006PD_" before the file name, when placing it into the new Project D Team folder. Take a look aswell to the names the files have, it is really important.

    This example would work for any car.

    I hope it helped.
  4. Thanks it helped :) My problem was i used the wrong template with the wrong name for the glass :(
  5. Ah, ok. :)
  6. I have another question about the "Windows template". If i do a white banner, i obtain in the game a very sad colour (grey). I saved my file in DXT5 with interpolated alpha (standart format for standart Race 07 skin.....). There is a way for clear up this banner?

    For example with a blue banner:


    The top blue part (chassis) is normally the same as the bottom blue part (window banner). But the windows banner is very dark. I have tried to not use the alpha channel, also tried to save in DXT1 with no alpha, but the problem still resist.....

    For the moment our car had a black banner (this color is good), but we have to choose another one for the 2nd car.
  7. If you paint the banner white, and you get a grey it will be possibly because the alpha channel have some transparency I guess. Make it opaque on the alpha channel if it is the motive.

    Guys don´t hesitate to contact me on MSN if needed.
  8. I have tried everything i think on the alpha channel, but it's always grey :( This is my template, if someone want to try!

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  9. As I said in my previous post, your banner alpha channel is grey so you will never get an opaque white there. I am attaching a new fixed windows, it should work.

    Compare yours and mine, the diference is on the alpha channel. On Alpha channel White is opaque and black is full transparency.

    Attached Files:

  10. Off course i have tried previously to change the alpha channel in white, black....etc. But it change nothing. This is a screenshot with your edited template:


    I think the problem is somewhere else, but i don't know where. A parameter darker the banner but i can't say wich one. So i think i'm going to stay with the white/grey banner...
  11. Ah ok, I will take a second look on it.
  12. Are there any X Files available?
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