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STC BLUE CUP PACK - Mod & Tracks

Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by David Garcia, Mar 7, 2010.

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  1. STC tracks seems to go by the same name as the original ones so is there a way to know which one to load on our test servers?
  2. Krister, tracks are in a diferent place than the add on normal tracks, so you will see they are in the STC class.

    Install them, you will see what I mean.
  3. Yup very nice done. :smile:
    Le Mans is awesome.
  4. Test Spa aswell, Max did an awesome work with it.
  5. Nope, don't see it starting the dedicated server but I might be a noob on this...

    First screen starting the Dedi show no class setting so next screen has the car filter button and a list of available events (tracks) to put in the event queue. Right now I have two entries of Bahrain in the available events list and don't know which one is the STC version.

    Solved it by deleting the previous version.
  6. it isn't possible to upload the pack also on Sendspace, because on megaupload i'm limited at 10 ko/s [​IMG]
  7. uploading now.
  8. Greg it doesn´t work. Have not enough capacity.
  9. megaupload no good on Sundays, keeps on telling me file is not available. Not to worry, will download later, usually after 22.00 CET it's better.
  10. @David: yes on Sendspace it's limited at 300mo, but it's possible to split the file with Winrar. You have just to recompress your archive, set compression ratio to "store" and set the volume capacity to "299 mo", and upload the 2 parts. The advantage is on sendspace there is no limit to download, or a limit far higher than Megaupload.

    @Eckart: my estimated time remaining is 7h30, i think i can have the file before Thursday....[​IMG]
  11. I promise once this is down at my end I will upload to my site and give you the access you want
  12. Tried to upload it also to MediaFire but it was still 350mb when i 7 zipped it and the max at Mediafire is always 300mb.
    Think it will go faster in some time. Because i think alot of people are downloading right now. :smile:
  13. Please Mikael, post the link here. I am trying to upload it other places.
  14. Big thanks Tom, it's clearly faster now :smile:
  15. just found Tom's helpful post; gonna be up till 0.30, but what the heck, thx Tom.
  16. It seems we have a conflict with the track names not to big a problem until you save or load a setup then it can get tricky.
    It can be fixed by uninstalling the normal Bahrain track or by a patch to correct the track names as it seems you have an error in the track gdb file.
    if you change the gdb file to read: "TrackNameShort = STC_Bahrain" then the correct folder will be found for setups.
  17. Thx Neil good info.

    Are the tracks going to be patched ?
  18. No. This is really easy to fix them on your own. Anyway I am sorry for not detecting that problem before, but it is not really important after all.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.