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Statistics rFactor

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by racermanbdn, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. Good afternoon Community, my name is Jorge I'm from Barcelona I have enrolled in this specialized Simulation forum because they asked me to do a market study of several PC games including Counter Strike and are Rfactor, so I created this topic aid forum, it may be impossible to know, but don't lose anything by asking, would know how to tell me how many players online playing Rfactor month in Europe? I'm not saying tell me, just ask how to know or if instead it is totally impossible to know ... in this study I could find much information about Counter Strike and many statistics from several reliable sources, however with Rfactor simulator, I know that there are many community around but can not find player statistics online a month, for example, or how many total members 're speaking communities.
    It's hard I ask, but again do not lose anything asking it, greetings and thank you very much in advance.
    If I made ​​a mistake sending here or I'm asking something that I shouldn't (I've read the forum rules and I think not) sorry and tell me where do I go or what I should not do, I'm new to this.
    Thanks again to all and sorry for my english.
  2. Jorge I think its impossible to know, but ask ISI, they can help ou more than us.

  3. Gracias Carlos, la verdad hablando y preguntando mucho en diferentes comunidades he conseguido un número decente de servidores activos en rFactor, contacté con un compañero que tenia la versión premium del juego, que se ve que es cuando salen todos los servers activos desde el propio juego, y la cifra no es nada mala..cerca de 50.000 servers en todo el mundo.
    Te dejo el print pantalla que me mandó por si te interesa ver lo de los servers.
    Gracias de nuevo Carlos por tu aporte, un saludo.

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  4. Transation: Thanks Carlos, to be honest I've been asking in a lot of different comunities and finally I got a decent number of server in rFactor. A friend of mine has the premium version of the game that allows you to see the number of active server and the amount is pretty good, around 50000.

    Image attached.

    Thanks again for your aport Carlos.
  5. Answer: In reality I did nothing just redirecting you to ISI, they know much more than me ;).

    PS: I didnt know that exists a premium version for rFactor... Im happy for you :) See you on the track :D

    Spanish answer: En realidad solo te redirigí a ISI que ellos saben mucho más que yo jeje.

    PD: No sabía que existía una versión premium de rFactor... me alegro mucho que hayas encontrado ese numero :) Nos vemos en la pista :D