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starting up a team q's- ws/wt team limitation?

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Tom Kelley, Mar 17, 2013.

  1. I read this announcement:

    "The team limitation that was used last year will be removed for this coming season, due to the rule only limiting honest teams as workarounds were always possible.

    However, every team must have a unique name, and not simply Nr. 2,3 added to the teamname.

    Sorry if I sound confused, but I actually read the rules package for 2012, with this new rule I'm a bit confused. Having never run the FSR let alone managed a team I have some questions before I register one (well already registered the team just waiting activation). If I start up a team does this mean I can start a team for both WS and WT? Also how many drivers can I add to my team? Also does each driver need to be actually named or can I use placeholders, or add or replace as the season progresses.
  2. Yes, you can start a team for WS and a team for WT.

    You can have two drivers racing for each team, there can be reserve drivers but they also need their own driver licence if they are to race.

    A licence is given to each specific driver. If you bring in a new driver you have to purchase a new licence for that driver.
  3. Just so I get this straight: Can I manage the team under the same banner i.e. team "x" for both WS and WT. Or do I need to create team "x" for WS, and team "y" for WT?

    The guide says to make one payment for the entire team and drivers. "New teams are asked collect their drivers payments to acquire their licenses and then make a single payment to FSR, with the total amount of the team license plus the drivers licenses, to FSR. However, seperate payments are possible as well."

    does it usually happen that a team may expand through the course of the season by adding new drivers? In that case does the "seperate payments" mean the team adds and pays for driver licenses as people come in throughout the season or do the team managers just setup extra placeholder licenses at the beginning?
  4. I can have "Twister Racing" in WT and WS (and WC). But if I want a 2nd team in WS, or WT, I need to change the name of the 2nd team (for broadcasting reasons).

    It's just a way to control better the money income, so it's easier to check if we have a problem. If a new driver wants to race for you after the season started (but remember that you have a limit of 2 drivers per team), he can pay himself, or you as a team manager can pay for him, as you wish.
  5. I'm curious how many teams use reserve drivers and how it works from a team management perspective. Are those drivers content to be reserve drivers or are they allowed to race on other teams or lower divisions WT or WS until they are called up? Do teams just pick from their best drivers times during practice leading up to race day to allocate them for the race?