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Start lights

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by justukas, Mar 17, 2009.

  1. Hello all,

    My BTB based rFactor track project in almost finished, but I need to put a startlights and pit lights to their places? How can I do it? Maybe BTB later version will have such option?
  2. Brendon Pywell

    Brendon Pywell
    Bob's Track Builder

    It'll be in BTB 0.7.

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  3. fxs


    hmmmm... skybox too ? :D

    ps: great forum.. congrats ;)
  4. justakas, you can do it now, but only if you have 3dSimed. There was a guide of how to do it posted on our old forum, I can send you a copy if it will help.

    Unless BTB 0.7. is due out next week of course :)
  5. Do not forget to create pit lights also.
    When will be available version 0.7 ?
  6. Ahh start lights, that was my big hope for a future update, this is just brilliant.
  7. An excellent addition. I hope we can control the timing of lights
  8. Brendon, how about importing animations from 3DMax to BTB tracks. That would be amazing.
  9. 0.6 has only just came out...
  10. Signal Lights and

    hi all.
    i am trying to develop a city with actuall environment e.g.. like during racing when ever we approach at signal and if light become red, car suppose to stop. but they don't stop.... is there any possibility to synchronize vehicle to red and green light.... i am using 3dsimed for this experiment... but still ... if any body hav idea plz guide me...

  11. Thank You for ver 0.7.0
    Now I have another question:) how to make these lights to hang on this pole. Is it possible to raise up start lights?
  12. Press and hold "y" to move Objects up and down using the mouse ;)
  13. DMz


    I've installed v7 (upgrade from v6.06) and I dont see any lights, I take it they are sobjects and I have to copy in the default.zip xpack from the installer?
  14. You need to copy ver.0.7 default xpack to your track folder.
  15. DMz


    Ahhh thx mate!