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Star Mazda setups

Discussion in 'iRacing Setups' started by William Nowell, Dec 28, 2010.

  1. Post your Star Mazda setups here!

    Road Atlanta by William Nowell

    I love this combo, it's like a roller coaster. My best was a 1.19.5 (1.19.0 opt) on race fuel.

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  2. Cool thanks for posting your setup William. I'll give it a go later. I tell you what I did some laps with the Star Mazda at Road Atlanta (1.20flats on race fuel) and I forgot what downforce felt like after running laps with the Vette at Spa. lol :)
  3. lol, I know what you mean with the vette Will. I was certain the iracing had put the wing on my vette on upside down.
  4. Lars Strijdonck

    Lars Strijdonck
    Six by nine. Forty two.

    LoL had the same feeling to.
    Tnx for posting a setup William
  5. Would you happen to have a setup for Mosport in the star mazda that I can build off of? Your setup for Road Atlanta was great, however I did not race in anything official.
  6. I love Mosport, my best is a 1:15.4 with an opt of 1.14.8 (I never said I was fast). This is the setup I ran last session and will be running this week aswell.

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  7. Thank you sir!

    Well with your setup I got down to a 1:16.8 which I think there is room to grow on a few corners. I would say pretty good for me, and never having run either the car or track. However if that were real, i'd owe someone about 20 million dollars worth of cars... lol...
  8. This is the setup I ran last season with a best of 1:46.40. This season I've run a 1:46.03 and an opt of 1:45.02 with race fuel. I'm sure I can be in the 1:45s by race time, in the right hands it can be faster.

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  9. Well during a race with that setup that I was running I was in 2nd but having a hard time catching the 1st place car. I starting using your setup and within three laps I was getting close to my PB at Watkins with race fuel. I also notice in the long stint after turn 1 I was faster. Before I was only able to get to about 144mph, and now I'm getting to around 150+ if I'm not mistaken. I just really have to watch it for those first couple of laps..hehe Thanks for sharing bud!
  10. I'm glad it works for you Joe, I tried to setup it up to get through T1 as quiet as possible. That's where I lose the most time at, I can easily lose .5-.7 tenths up the hill and the back straight if I don't get T1 right.
  11. S1 2011 Week 1 Star Mazda - Silverstone

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  12. thanks for the set man
  13. This seems to be a very good setup. Quite stable. I'm brand new to SM and just did several low to mid 1:49s in it (and I'm slow). Thanks so much for it.
  14. Saw this in the Star Mazda forums. It's a setup pack for all the tracks in S1 2011.

    Mid Ohio
    Brands Hatch
    Road America
    Road Atlanta
    Watkins Boot

    Setups by: Daniel Lopez

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  15. I tried his setup at Brands and I'll have it say it's pretty nice as long as you don't go crazy with it. I'm not the "alien" type but my time there against what I've seen on the boards show I am couple seconds behind the alien times. So I would assume that my times would be a top 5 finish with his setup considering no inc's of course.
  16. Thanks a ZILLION Sam!
  17. Thank you for sharing your setups Sam, I appreciate it!
  18. Thanks alot for sharing,missed Road Atlanta thou so i modified your Spa setup and it works fine.

  19. Qualy and race setup for barber

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