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SSCA Spec Racer Ford setups

Discussion in 'iRacing Setups' started by William Nowell, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. Post your SSCA Spec Racer Ford setups here!

    Charlotte bu William Nowell

    If you are sleeping on the spec ford, WAKE UP. This car is a blast and the competition is top notch. I ran the whole series last session and finished 7th in my division and had a ball the whole time. My best is a 1:22.1 with an opt of 1:21.7.

    Did I mention it's FREE!!!!

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  2. This is the little car the runs with the Pontiac right? I tried this car once when I first got iracing and it was at Summit Point... I'll just say that the track looks very good going backwards... hehe
  3. I almost choked on my lunch laughing so hard.
  4. My setup from last season. I had many battles here and a few wins. This was my fav rookie car. Can be a handful for some but if you get a grasp for it, it is really rewarding.

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  5. Summit Point full, I ran a hosted race here earlier in the week and had a blast. This is a great rookie car.

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  6. This is my first season here so my setup may change with time but this is a good base. I think a little more negative rear camber will help get around the corners but have not tested it yet.

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  7. For those who have taken up the challenge of the mighty Spec Racer.

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  8. Awesome! Thanks William.
  9. thx buddy!
  10. Here is my setup from a few seasons back. Ran it yesterday and was able to do a 55.4 with it.

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  11. You da man William! Thanks!
  12. is this the reverse version of the track?
  13. anfreri,

    Looks like by the name of William's setup that it is the regular version (fwd layout) of the track, not reverse. With the SRF on the OTM, this setup was really stable. Not sure how it will be with the SRF now since it got the NTM.