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Released SS Uppland almost done by jacken

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by jacken64, May 26, 2011.

  1. New track by Jacken ss Uppland almost done

    coming soon :redface:
  2. Looks good and fun, looking forward to driving it
  3. Thanks.
    Now you can download the track. ss uppland
    Hope you like it

    ss uppland
  4. Thanks.
    Now you can download the track. ss Uppland
    Hope you like it :)

    ss Uppland
  5. Thanks! Definitely one of the best new gravel stages for RBR so far! Nice flowing stage - yet challenging enough. Captures the "spirit" of Scandinavian gravel roads very well. :) I hope we will see more stages by you in the future!

    Best regards from Finland
  6. Thank you my Nordic (Naapuri) neighbour :)
    It's fun to get credit for my work
    it makes me want to create more tracks :)
    Thanks :)
  7. Thanks,simply amazing.. i had a nice rally feeling driving this one!! Congratulations, from Portugal! ;)
  8. Thanks for that Ricardo :)
    I have already started a new project. a real rally track from sweden.. :)