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SRM F1 1990 Mod 1.00

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Ingemar Petersson, Jul 25, 2010.

  1. F1 1990 1.0 – Released

    Team SRM has released their F1 1990 mod for rFactor, bringing the cars and tracks of the 1990 Formula One season to the simulation.

  2. The mod dedicated to the faboulous 1990 F1 world championship season: Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost went head to head for the title. The championship did was decided at Suzuka, following a controversial incident on the very first lap.

    18 team included Life and Onyx
    16 track with original adverse , trackcam and layout!!
    New menu' in carbon style
    ...and mucth more!!!


    Get it Here
  3. Anders Nilsson

    Anders Nilsson

    something is wrong i dont get 18 teams :( only 12
  4. I only get 12 too. And there is only 12 teams in the data.

    EDIT: The missing teams are coming at the end of September.

    Also the mod only works with the 1990 trackpack unless you edit the rFm
  5. getting the error "setup.cpp 3174: Number of SCN files found was 118, but those passing RFM filter were 0" when i try to load the mod, which is annoying as I cant see what has gone wrong with the install. :s
  6. I am realy a big fan of Formula 1 from the 90's but I would like to hear feedback before downloading the mod since I have heard so meny fails with instaling the mod.
  7. Giorgos, the only problem people are having installation-wise is that without editing the rFm file, you can only race the 1990 cars on the 1990 tracks. Rather pointless and a bit annoying in my opinion.

    Other than that it's not a bad mod. The physics don't feel right to me, but it's a good effort.
  8. Did try them. Not blown away. But we got a awesome trackpack instead of it. ;)
    High quality tracks with great attention to detail.
  9. If you guys want to run them offline on any tracks add Tracks=* to the top of the rFm
  10. Thanks Ryo! :) I wondered how they did that!
  11. Hi, could you be a little more precise as to how to add other tracks to the mod? What you advised doesn't work. Thanks!
  12. Open the F1_1990 rFm in Notepad and change the track filter as shown above.

  13. Oh, maybe "Track Filter = *" ?

    Appreciate it.
  14. I know this will be an utterly hopeless exercise, which is apt for such an utterly hopeless car, but I want to try and get the Life car under the 1m 30s barrier at Monaco :p Currently my best is a 1:32.8. Yes I know it was a useless car in real life too, surely there's some way to extract more speed from it without blowing the engine. :p