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Apps Spotter 1.2.1

App adds a spotter warning you about nearby cars

  1. Stereo submitted a new resource:

    Spotter - App adds a spotter warning you about nearby cars

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  2. Leemstradamus

    Mid pack attack!

    Awesome app! going to give it a try this week.
  3. good app for noobs ;)
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    Bugs, bugs, bugs

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  5. Thx! really a good idea. dont have try it but i think its a good app.
    better than the red arrows. would be good if it works like the spotter from iracing.
    will test it
  6. sounds great with blinkys alternate voice audios but got tired of the "theres a slow car ahead" says it way too much even when not catching him.
    but ill keep it i do like it thanks:) i made this small vid with it in action
    Last edited: May 23, 2014
  7. Has this app become unstable with later releases of AC?

    I installed it - tested it and it worked great. the problem is when I use the lotus 98t on imola &,monza.
    AC loads the track and the cars then it just closes back to gui.
    have not tested it with all cars/tracks But it seems to work with the rest, just as an random test.

    This happens if the app is installed but not used in the specific session, if I remove (Delete)
    the app the problem is gone?
  8. mancSLO


    I think its not work now?
  9. I have not tried it with latest AC 0.22.6 but Since 0.22 you have to go into options and enable in game apps.
  10. How to activate it in game. Have tried like the description says, but not working ? Nothing in game apps ? What I'm doing wrong ?
    Found the apps in options...silly me :whistling:
  11. I wonder if I would be able to replace the voice? I have recorded the parts again, but can't get it to work. I was hoping to make it a real person...any idea why it doesn't work? What do I have to do to fix it? I named the files the same, although yours are about half the size or less. Please help.
  12. They need to be the basic WAV format (8 bit 44kHz stereo, like CD audio) for the sound library I used to play them, I think that's about it as long as the filenames match audio.ini. A few people on the Assetto Corsa support forum have successfully replaced the voice, for sure - there are packs in a few different languages.
  13. Thanks for that speedy response. Is there a preference by the game for either Mono or Stereo files in order for this to work too? Thanks in advance!
  14. I haven't tested that, I just used clips other people provided & they were all stereo.
  15. Had to render audio out in Audacity at specified rate and bit depth. Apparently Pro Tools version of 8bit 44.1KHz was far too high tech!
  16. Stereo updated Spotter with a new update entry:

    Volume + HMD fixes

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