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Spotter Plugin? Or at least HUD changes?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by JoeGran, Apr 8, 2014.

  1. After getting very used to iRacing spotters telling me everything, it's now the main feature I miss so far in GSCE.

    I would LOVE to have a spotter, at least telling me damage/lap times/tire wear, etc. It would be amazing to have one that also tells you "Left Side", " Still There", "You're Clear", etc., but I realize that might be asking too much.

    I've tried some rFactor plugins for spotters, and they don't seem to work at all (and actually just slowed my GSC interface down to a crawl).

    Is there any plugins that work well with GSCE? I believe even stock rFactor had a generic plugin, which would be better than nothing.

    If not, is there a plugin that's similar to the DynaHUD for rfactor? Preferably one that will give me all of the information in one HUD, so I'm not trying to switch through the lap times, damage, assists, tire wear, etc. while racing?

  2. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Premium

    Try this
    rfdynHud for gsc2103 click me
    unpack it and install the Jave 6 don't worry it wont mess with your java 7 .x
    then just drop the remaining folders into the main game folder, there are some instructions in there also.

    As for a spotter i use this
    Spotter guide for rfactor (a friendly voice keeping you up to date whilst on track)

    Big thanks to Davy Vandevenne for the above
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  3. Awesome! Thank you!

    One thing, though. My spotter barely talks at all during the race, but is very talkative during qualifying. I saw another post on Google that said you need to edit some config lines to get him to talk during the race, yet no where could I find what to edit.

    Any ideas?
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  4. Me too. Silent during the race but chatty during practice and quali
  5. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Premium

    GSC2013\SpotterAddon\ - Spotter config .APP run the app and decide what you want . ive not done this yet..
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  6. I just wondered if you might have detailed usage experienced with the SpotterAddon and could advise me and future users of some solutions to the usage and non functional issues that seem to exist.

    Background: I have read the included readme.pdf that is out of date that comes with the install. The readme.pdf is stored in the SpotterAddon folder in subfolders based on the language they are written in or can accessed via the config exe. The pdf does NOT talk about the new VR (voice recognition) support. Some VR info is discussed at the rfactor link:
    https://www.rfactorcentral.com/detail.cfm?ID=Spotter Plugin
    Sounds like development stopped before everything was tested.

    Here is a repeat of the download site that Rupe Wilson recommended in this thread.

    My 3 issues follow with some added FYI to new users:

    1st SpotterAddon's Voice Recognition is not hearing ALL possible commands in GSCE. (this is the version of SpotterAddon that uses VR )

    I have installed the 2.17 version from Rupe's line above. And in SpotterAddon folder I have used the SpotterConfig.exe. I have the option checked to requires a press of the Voice Chat button to talk (set in my Controller.ini but the in game options controller setting window, and this works with voice request on some items related to my car status and pit stops.

    FYI this works: VR works with the wake up command: JOHN and then after he he acks I say TIRE TEMPERATURE or when I say JOHN then he acks and I ask PITSTOP and he turns on PitStop. But when JOHN asks if I want to change the pit strategy he does not respond to my YES or CANCEL answer. Turns out, one must say YES TWO LAPS and then he will ask you to verify if he gets the number correct you say YES else NO and he will repeat the strategy question. You can also say YES ONE or TWO or THREE PITS instead of how many laps per pits stop you want for the next pit stop. JOHN will respond to the cmds TRAFFIC and POSITION.

    BUT FAILS: If I monitor the VR log.txt file (even when GSCE is not running but I run VR.exe standalone), I can see entries for many cmds as I speak. But the following are not recognized: CANCEL, ONLY BODY, BODY, REPAIR ALL, ALL, STRATEGY CHANGE, DAMAGE CHANGE, CHANGE, and FINISH CHANGE. They are in the supplied command file. ?? Maybe some of these cmds were not made to work with GSCE. I dont even know if GSCE can do any damage repair in the pits while in the pits, JOHN does not respond to these repair or change commands because VR does not.

    RELATED fail: Its not clear that Voice chat button is always required when you want to talk, even with the option checked since JOHN seems to responds to cmds after he acks without you having put press the Voice chat button. Clearly when I say commands VR gets them and sometimes GSCE response without going through JOHN or without using the Voice Chat button.

    Any usage suggestions re voice recognition or experiences?

    Any info on what you can do in the pits?

    2nd Issue: VR mike noise problem! Has anyone seen the VR output commands that you did not speak? Your solution?

    The VR log.txt shows that its getting AND recognizing commands that I did not speak. Examples from the log.txt: Before I found a 2nd mike on VR logged it was hearing PATRICK or EIGHT LAPS, NO, or TRAFFIC and the worst of all NEXT.
    When VR recognized NEXT it would swap me from driving my car to being in some other car and the result is my car crashed since I was not driving it anymore.....So I starting looking for noise input sources and I turned the mike input volume lower (like 10-15% of max).
    Another example: Even after turning off webcam mike and other Recording inputs off thinks I said a drivers name trying to find out where he is. Log.txt shows
    4/11/2014 11:35:38 AM - ***** Speech Recognized: Caca Bueno ---> Enabled grammars are: GameGrammar, Initial, Commands,
    and another command that I did not speak, log.txt shows
    4/11/2014 11:35:45 AM - ***** Speech Recognized: Repair All ---> Enabled grammars are: GameGrammar, Initial, Commands,

    I have 4 possible noise sound input sources:
    1 WebCam, disabled but was on when I was getting many errors. Maybe it was hearing simVibe shaking and thought I said as NEXT when I brushed up on curbs and the rig was shaking. If I went off road,-> VR heard NEXT.
    2 I am using a LogiTec G690 headset but turned the mike volume down to one click above where it would not respond to commands.
    3 I have a sound card for SimVibe so I used Xonar DGX audio center for RECORD and set all sliders set to 0.
    4. The motherboard sound support that I use to drive external speakers when not using headset to other games or general computer usage but I dont have a mike plugged in and I set input gain to 0.
    Properties all 3 unused inputs including line are muted
    But I still get a few random VR recognition when the room noise is not quiet.
    To test VR.exe when GSCE is not running, double click on it and a small Spotter Plugin 2 VR window will appear. you can go into the VR Component folder and single click on Log.txt and windows will show you changes to that file as you start saying most of the commends that you find in SpotterCommand.lcl
    Then just leave just leave you headset on and if your mixed sound input level has too much noise you will get items written in the log.txt file that you did not speak.
    I dont know not to reduce this to 0. If your noise level is too high one can rename the VR.exe and just forget about VR screwing up your race.

    3rd VR minor issue:
    Speaking the “Enable Test Mode” voice command gets recorded in log but any command that you speak after the enavle is not spoken back like the start up window suggest. If this worked you would not have to monitor the log.txt file to debug you mikes.
    Log.txt shows:
    4/11/2014 2:14:38 PM - ***** Speech Recognized: Enable test mode ---> Enabled grammars are: Initial, GameGrammar,

    FYI additions:
    I did mod the grammars.xml using the format comment at the bottom to add the following since I had my own key bindings for these GSCE game inputs and wanted to change to them to request the option with voice calls. This works perfectly
    <GameGrammar keystrokedelay="30">
    <entry call="Pit Display" repeat="1" data="p" />
    <entry call="Damage Display" repeat="1" data="u" />
    <entry call="Extra Display" repeat="1" data="q" />
    <entry call="Race Display" repeat="1" data="a" />
    <entry call="Time Display" repeat="1" data="s" />
    <entry call="Sector Display" repeat="1" data="d" />
    These voice display commands work without pressing the chat button and are faster than having to wake up JOHN who is sleeping in the pits when your in a hurry.

    You can even test these cmds by opening the log.txt file and then
    say these commands (like Pit Display) and a p will be typed in the log.txt file
    window that you have opened.

    I see some other commands in the xml that the author had bound to his keys like Quick Chat keys and the space, subtract and add keys but I did not try them since I did not know what his command file was.

    Hope this will help future users and maybe others have some suggestions or corrections to what I have found.
  7. Hi, just want to ask from those familiar with spotter. I recently had 'spooky' text being entered automatically into text boxes I had open (ie. writing a note in notepad, typing an email and even when in Chat window in AC). Texts such as:
    • t/restartwarmup
    • t/callvote no
    • t/callvote restartweekend
    • t/addpenalty 12
    • t/subpenalty 1
    • t/admin
    The last almost got me banned in an MP server, as the admin thought I was hacking his server!

    After a few hours of searching the cause, and searching for these texts in my drive, I found them in the grammar.xml file of Spotter, w/c I recently installed for GSCE. My question is how these texts would automatically type on text boxes. Is there a keystroke that makes these appear? If so, where/how are they defined? So I can manage and prevent it from happening again. For now I've uninstalled it to remove the ghost. :) Thanks a lot.
  8. I had a similar problem, even after I exiting GSCE and I was on desktop,firefox, skype etc.
    Through task manager I notice that VR.exe was still active and picking talks and noises through mic, so I just deleted it from /SpotterAddon/VR Component/VR.exe.
    No problems for me anymore but I guess voice commands are not working (I never used them so no big deal for me).
    Spotter plugin is working fine but only in practice and qualifying, not in race(at least in GSCE) but it's not from vr.exe missing, I had same behavior before.
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  9. Thanks @Anestis, so my observation was correct, VR.exe was the culprit w/c I also noticed running in Taskbar->Processes. But what generated the output in text boxes, since I don't have a mic?
  10. i have installed spotter and the new hud.
    i think i have some framedrops now... even with 86 fps on 3 screens
    and also i see my old hud and old trackmap over my new hud and new trackmap. so i see them both. can i delete my old ones ? on left screen you see also the old trackmap
    big thx for the tip mutch better racing now

    gsc1.jpg gsc2.jpg
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  11. I'm sorry, what new hud are you referring to? Or did the latest update bring up a new hud? Sorry, I'm not aware of it. Pls clarify, thanks.
  12. i did this ( second post of this topic)

    Try this
    rfdynHud for gsc2103 click me
    unpack it and install the Jave 6 don't worry it wont mess with your java 7 .x
    then just drop the remaining folders into the main game folder, there are some instructions in there also.

    As for a spotter i use this
    Spotter guide for rfactor (a friendly voice keeping you up to date whilst on track)

    Big thanks to Davy Vandevenne for the above
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  13. Sorry guys noob question, I have the Spotter working but can't seem to get the other to work where do i need to put them files ? Thanks :)
  14. I tried Spotter here in GSC, but i have some problems...
    During Race i don't get infoabout blue flags, gap, position and when driver abandon race or enter in pit stop... I only receive damage info.

    Anyone who is using spotter in GSC know how to make these alerts work?
  15. Kurt Vanhee

    Kurt Vanhee

    Same issue here with trackmap. Just make a new folder/map and, in case you want to go back, and look for the file TrackMapPlugin.dll , delete or put it in a new folder/map.
    Old trackmap should be gone.