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WIP Sports Land Sugo 80's - WIP

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by soramame, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. Sports Land Sugo 80's

    Sports Land Sugo 1980s

    2.661km / 1.65miles

    Layouts from 1975 to 1987
    Very high speed track !!


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  2. will be an atmospheric track if you can make the most of the terrain :)
  3. Hear hear. Love those fast Asian road tracks, usually have nice scenery. (Mt Fuji, Tokyo (Shibuya), Aida, Mine, Nikko...) Looks like this one might have the fastest layout of all Japanese racetracks, btw - could be すごい Sugo.. ;)

  4. どうもありがとう Soramame-san :cool: Thanks for sharing, I'll have a test drive and let you know how it goes.

    Btw, are there any videos of this 'old' Sugo layout on the Net? I did a quick check on Youtube, but couldn't really find anything (only the new layout), no real photos of the old circuit either.
  5. Addendum: Ok, just tested the track.

    Overall, it's a good beta version! Looks nice terrain-wise and with some work could really be a classic little track. So far, fps is good, too.

    This track is a bit trickier than its layout suggests, due to its hilly nature. Seems to have several slightly off-camber corners and some tricky brake zones (esp. Turn 1) where you go over a hill just as you're braking, tending to unsettle the car.

    Some suggestions I would make for the next beta are:

    - add some slight bumps in the road here and there; it now feels very flat, no bumps at all
    - Make some of the roadside hills a bit less low-poly. Especially the little hill on the inside of Turn 2 is very triangular, which doesn't look very realistic. Suggest adding a few more polygons there and making it a bit more round and irregular.
    - the AI cars are good overall, but I noticed they suddenly slow down going into the 'kink' turn after the straight (going under the round bridge). Suggest checking this and making them a bit faster there.
    (On the other hand, they are always a bit faster than you going up the hill going onto the main straight. Suggest making them a tiny bit slower there.)

    I noticed in the replays that the little kart track inside the circuit is also modeled... Good job :cool: :) Hope it will also be driveable later on!
  6. Some updates were done.
    It is chiefly an object.
    The production of the object around the pit was completed.
    As for the tree etc. , it is scheduled to change it a little.

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  7. Starting to look pretty good :) Some of the trees are a little too bright perhaps - like they're glowing (too light green color compared to the rest of the green stuff)?
    Overall, good impression of progress though. お疲れ様でした!
  8. Good update Soramame-san, it's started to look better and better. Trees look more real, as does the landscape and the pit area. Only the hill inside Turn 2 righthander is still a bit pointy ;)

    In testing (I used Formula Vee), noticed two things:

    - The AI cars seem even faster (than yourself) on the uphill sections now. They fly past me on the uphill after the last corner, going onto the straight, like they have an extra 20 BHP. Can't keep up with 'em that way!

    - Secondly, the AI cars tend to crash in the righthand Turn 2 corner, when they come out of the turn they get on the curbstones on the left (tricky, those kerbs..) and spin/crash out.

    - Thirdly, the frame rate / FPS is going down a bit going onto the straight. When going uphill before the start, noticed the fps on my 2 GHz Core Duo dropping from about 33 - 40 to less than 25 fps.

    Other than that, good update overall! :) Starting to look like a real high-speed track set in the Japanese mountains.