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Sport Drift Tire 3.0

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by rsmithdrift, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. *******Updated to 3.1. Also I highly recommend you use the FFB mod I included in the d/l. These tires are FINISHED. Link updated

    This is version 3.0 of my tire physics... Their are many changes from version 2.0 or earlier to the point that it is NOTHING like version 1.0 AT ALL.

    These physics will ONLY AFFECT the tire physics and will not affect the individual car phsyics whatsoever. I have a update to fix all the drift cars physics and several grip/touge cars also but that is only available privately untill it is finished.

    I created these to replicate several different tire types. They are good for both grip and drift because I USED REALISTIC SLIP CURVES AND PEAK ANGLES!!!! Because of that it might take some getting used to because they are very precise tires. Grip should feel natural and normal, but drifting will be much snappier than most drift mods original tires because of the realistic peak angles. I HIGHLY recommend you use a FFB update like RealFeel or LeoFFB or a combination of both like I do to help feel the grip. Also using high FOV will make drifting with low steering lock difficult because you cant see the angle as well and your reaction time is slowed. Using good head movement settings helps also. Once you are accustomed to it you will realise that though it is difficult it is the most realistic drifting tire physics you will come across. You can ease into a floaty low angle drift or flick the car out to opposite lock with ease once you learn to balance the car sideways properly with proper tires. These tires are so realistic though that if a car your using my tires on has very unrealistic suspension or other values in the hdv are out of whack it might make drifting impossible. Or if it is a hard car to drift in real life you will find the same to be true if the car physics are accurate. Aasbo supra is a good realistic car to use and it's original tires feel almost as good as mine do to begin with.

    The used tires have about half their tread life left and are close to the wear indicators and have been sitting in a used tire shop for atleast a year making them very very hard compound and very low grip as a result. Both used tires will wear only slightly faster than a new tire as even though they are half worn they are harder compound and more resiliant to heat. TOUGE USE IS NOT RECOMMENDED, WILL HAVE VERY LITTLE GRIP IN WET CONDITIONS

    The standard tires have softer sidewalls and flex alot more and have peak grip near the cold temperature and will loose alot of grip once overheated. They work well in the wet but are a master of none.

    The Falken Ziex is a standard sports tire and has stiffer sidewalls and softer rubber giving more grip and higher heat tolerance but still provide good wet weather traction. These are the BEST tires for wet weather when new.

    The rest of the tires are all popular super sports tires and have very stiff construction and very soft rubber with very little tread. They still work in wet weather but not as well. They also take alot of heat and wont grip as well untill they get up to working temperature typically in the 180-200 degree range. They all have subtle differences that can be felt but are generally very similar, some are better in grip than others and some are better in drift.

    The differences in all the tires reflect those that were expressed in the manufacturers specifications as well as the results of tests performed on some web sites and many many reviews of those who have used several of the tires replicated.


    See the Readme for install instructions

    ME!!! =P for wanting a true to life feeling set of tire physics and having too much spare time on my hands. LMAO
    ISI for creating this AWESOME game
    The OBS "Oversteer" Drift Mod team, D1GP Allstar Mod team, Fredrick Aasbo, Project D, and ISI again for creating great looking drift mods to use my tires
    You may modify these files to your hearts content. This is a update I made for myself and thought I should share it with the community. Feel free to make them suite your needs and try them on any vehicle you wish.
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  2. I just updated the links.... Sorry I was in a hurry yesterday and accidentally uploaded an alternate version I had on my comp that I didn't like because it had lower peak angles for the super sport tires making them way too twitchy for lighter cars. If you d/l'd v3.1 yesterday please RE download it as the version you have is flawed. Sorry for the inconvienience.

    New V3.1 link