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Spinning wheels in box

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by shigi76, May 5, 2011.

  1. shigi76


    Hello, sorry for my english, i´m from germany...

    Can somebody help me, please?

    In some sessions I´ve the problem, that my whells begin to spin (wheelspinning?) when I drive into the box or make a pitstop...
    So my speed become less than 100km/h, up to 0 km/h...:eek:
  2. Nick Brooke

    Nick Brooke

    Hi i had this once only, i wne tinto the pits too fast it seemed and when i put the limiter on i had constant wheel spin and lower that 100kph. i did get a drive through becaouse of this but now i make sure i get into first gear before the line and below 100kph and i can accelerate up with no problems. This was what happened to me but it could be another glitch for you maybe.
  3. Paul Lock

    Paul Lock

    Driving Force India? Lots of revs but no speed? Thats the well known pit lane bug.
  4. Scrush


    thats codemasters style. unfinished game with lots of funny things. today i had a 50% race with 4 guys. i was on last position after the race and than the game changed the order. now i was on first and i won the race ..HAHA