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Spinning Out

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Adam Lawson, Oct 15, 2010.

  1. Need a bit of help with this problem. I always seem to spin out in corners. I can lap up to 2 seconds faster than most of the AI and then I'll spin out, effectively wasting all the hard work and effort. This is making me increasingly frustrated with this game. Any ideas?
  2. Try letting the car free roll through the section where you are spinning, or get on the gas a little easier. if you are spinning on arrival to the corners (by slamming on the brakes and then quickly releasing) then you prob need to adjust the brake bias a little to stop the rear from stepping out under heavy breaking or gradually release the brakes.
  3. is your Traction control ON or OFF??
    if its OFF.. you need the car to straighten out on corners before u press the gas, or else you would have a spin..
  4. Traction control is on full, sadly. I think half my problem is that i go full bore the whole time. That's probably the main reason I spin out. I'm alway pushing the car to its limits and often too far.
  5. I have traction control off and hardly ever spin no matter how hard I try..WTF????
  6. just try to be smooth in and out of corners sometimes i find heavy braking while turning into corners can result in a spin just practice practice practice you will get it eventually
  7. And keep off some of the higher curbs - they will spit you back out, backwards and inside out. Try in practise running the curbs - see which ones do what, which ones you can use. If you spin in practise - then nothing is wasted.

  8. now that sounds challenging..
  9. what input device do u use? If you use paddles or analog buttons you should control the car, but if u use a keyboard or digital buttons u should better turn traction control to on.

    if you use paddles/analog button - try to push them slowly and and if u shift the gears manually, use lower gears (1/2) in slow curves instead of Gear 3/4 this will spin u also.

    Check your performance setup and try to play with the settings for curves and straights this will also help u to reduce spinning.
  10. no offense..
    but i was thinking more like,
    with traction control OFF, you are more likely to spin out on lower gears like 1/2...
  11. On Xbox 360 with a controller. I think I fixed most of the problem, just restarted career and did some custom tuning in P1 of Sakhir and it reduced the amount of times I spun out during practice down to about 3 times. Thanks for the advice.
  12. i play with 360 controller and i never really spun out at all i cant understand how it can happen that many times its can happen but it never happened that much to me what way do you set the car up and what setups were you using before?
  13. Try 70/30 on your balance setting.....many of the so-called fast set ups use 50/50, but that's a spin fest for me.
  14. Try not to go into Gear 1, this is the most likely gear that will make you spin and be easier on the throttle, you don't want that back end going out unless you can control it :)
  15. Wouldnt 70/30 cause the car to spin out more you would really want more weight in the back to save oversteer more understeer less oversteer i play with 80/20 but i dont give a damn bout oversteer cause it rarely happens
  16. ye, Anthony has the right idea :)
  17. try your setups opposite 40/60 or 30/70 less oversteer put your brake bias to the front if it suits i only use it at the front most of the time as i can brake later with high brake pressure and can turn out earlier and to avoid oversteer i just wait till the car is straight and then smoothly apply throttle on the exit.
  18. thats strange... maybe we have a very different play style. My experience is that i mostly spin with high gears (in codi F1)
  19. yeah lower gears usually spin me out too as your not really going fast enough for the downforce to take effect and push the car into the road
  20. I'm pretty much repeating what everyone else had said but I believe the most important things is to brake in a STRAIGHT LINE into every corner, let the car free-roll through the corner a little, and feather the throttle out of the corner... If car starts to spin, come off the throttle and steer INTO the slide!