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Specs of the Brasil Stock Car V8 of 2012

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Ian Craft, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. How weights it?

    lets make a sticky cause Iam interested and couldnt find the infos. And maybe some could use them too(if the have questions to the topic)?
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  2. Thanks so the car has 520+ HP and weight 1310 kg including driver.
    I dont speak this language. So is it right?

    Another question. In the stock car you have on steering wheel on the left an display with a space of two numbers. In the game this display isnt on(so there are no numbers) for what is this display?
  3. Ian, the regulations are here:


    Unfortunately, the PDFs are in portuguese, but Google Translator worked pretty well for me (if you can live with some funny translations made by the bot), just copy and paste the PDF URL. For example, the original technical regulations ebook returns the link below:


    Hope that helps. :thumbsup:
  4. I dont' know
  5. Thats quite interesting? It is indicating the time left before the self destruction?

    Or the motoprogramm? The atmosphere of the game could be improved if this display would be useable for the countdown till the next boost is avaible.

    or what is it for?
  6. At the beginning of the video it shows "74", "75", then this disappear and I can't understand what is it for.
    I think it is not possible for P2P countdown, it is 150 sec
  7. SO 75-76.

    I really wanna know this pretty useless fact.
  8. I can tell you that the numbers on the left are max gear(6) and what the next downgear would be. I can't figure out the numbers on the right side...it keeps going up slowly but I don't know what it is.
  9. Summarized:

    To end, in case of accident, the car can be opened by the roof, making easier for the medics to remove the driver's helmet and making imobilization easier as well.

    X-Ray of the car:

    Model: JL G-09

    Chassis: tubular, made of molybdenum without sewing

    Carroceria: Carbon fiber

    Wheels: OZ,

    Clutch, Xtrac,

    Differential: Xtrac,

    Brake Clamps: AP Racing,

    Brake Disc: Fremax

    Clamps: Ecopads

    Engine HP: 480HP by Cosworth

    Fuel: Brazilian Ethanol

    Torque: 63 kgf/m

    Tyres: Goodyear, slick radials, with 25,5 x 10,5'

    Developed by the Brazilian engineer Gustavo Lehto from JL (formet ZF Racing) and Italian engineer Nicola Scimeca (ex-Dallara)
    And so they have nothing to do with Peugeot, Chevrolet. Nor Shell or Red Bull and so on.

    What are the Clamps from Ecopad? What do this clamps?

    by the way
    If you race that (really) car just dont think about the poor brasilians(A third of the population of Rio de Janeiro live in favelas, or slums).
    And the jungle killing, food wasting government.
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