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Misc Sparco Gloves for the new driver model 2016 1.1

Gloves Sparco in the 9 color variants

  1. Don't know how to install. Please add an installation-readme file how to install. Thanks
  2. install/use:
    Copy the "2016_Gloves_DIFF.dds" and "2016_Gloves_NM.dds" from the folder with your desired color into the designated skin folder for a car.
    e.g. from
  3. Thank you for the information. It is working fine. Are there any modded suits available too?
  4. Congrats mate!! Outstanding work;)
    Think about 2016 Alpinestar gloves and maybe photoshop template :p
  5. Do I have to manually select and install the gloves to every car and livery I want to use them with or is there somekind of program/tool to select one color of gloves to a bunch/selection of cars/liverys and automaticly installs it?
  6. Manually. :( I know of no program.
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  7. Hi, I was trying to create some custom gloves skins.
    Just a question: how do you create the relative NM file (2016_Gloves_NM.dds) from the skin to give that 3d effect?
    Thanks in advance for your help and your fantastic skins! (sorry for double post)
  8. My simple guide:
    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg
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  9. Thank you very much Mister!