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Sound Problem: very annoying

Discussion in 'F1 2016 - The Game' started by ScorpionLP, Aug 26, 2016.

  1. Every time I accelerate I hear a VERY ANNOYING SOUND that is like a Beep or a Whistle. I asked other online friends and they say that it is the Turbo, but I don't think so, because it is very loud. I tried to change sound options, but it didn't work. I want to know if it is so to everybody and I have a very sensitive hearing :), or if it is a problem of my videogame (The CD). I want to know as fast as I can, because if it is only my problem I will go to change my videogame for a new one.

    If I return my F1 2016 videogame (The CD) and change it for a new one (New F1 2016 CD), will I lose all my progress and my helmet design, and avatar and career mode... and so on?

    Enjoy the game people :D

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  2. Is the upshift tone on?
  3. No, it isn't.
  4. You should record a bit of what it does. The only thing that came to my mind is the upshift tone, and that's not it.
  5. Maybe this afternoon can I record it. But first I will go and ask in the shop, because maybe they know what it is.

  6. I think it is the Turbo whistle, but i gotta say it feels like they overdid it, it's way too noticeable even when you have full revs on the engine.

    Since i'm in the sounds topic...
    The engineer guy comes in and the engine sound to 10%, it annoys the .... out of me.
  7. I think you can change the engineer guy sound and increase the engine sound. Well, you decrease the engineer guy sound (Radio) and increase your vehicle sound. It is in OPTIONS-SOUNDS or something like that. I can't say it 100% right to you because i don't have the game here.
  8. PC version W7pro64bit- In my case the annoyance is a continuous buzz (inside sim racing in its youtube video discussed the problem) plus the dialogues that are very very fast so that it is not understandable. I checked the validity of all files in Steam more than twice. Am I the only one? Can it be because the installation was done from the 3 DVDs (I bought it on Amazon)? I decreased to the minimum the sound level of everything except my own car, it is a little bit better but still very much annoying.
    I tried with or without "upshift tone" on without success. What is it for anyway this function?
  9. The upshift tone sounds when it's time to change gear. Everything else you say I don't know how to help, sorry.

    Someone knows how to decrease the Turbo Whistle ?? Because I can't play with that annoying sound...
  10. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss

    I found the whistle sound in 2014 to be much worse than in this game (didn't play 2015). I have hardly noticed it really....but it is there. xbox one

    What i really find annoying is i have turned all the music off (because it gets repedative and annoying really fast) but i still have music in some parts. In my career it comes on in the development points screen and in the team lounge room scenes.
  11. Jack Vos

    Jack Vos

    I also had the fast dialogues, thought the game was broken lol
    I had to lower the sound quality in the sound card software
    had it on it highest 192000 lowered to 48000 now its OK
    Maybe 96000 also possible but not tested yet, will test it later this evening

    Don"t hear a buzzing sound but maybe you can fix it in your sound settings

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  12. Thanks I just went to Codemasters forum when they say they will fix it for one of the next patch. As it is mentioned there it is the only game where I should do specific settings with my sound card and what you mentioned is just a temporary fix.

    Edit Yes 96Khz is as well fixing the problem.
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  13. Jack Vos

    Jack Vos

    Ok great that it gets fixed

    for now enjoy the temporary fix ;