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Other Sound Mod SuperV8 FG Falcon 1.2


  1. modmad submitted a new resource:

    Sound Mod SuperV8 FG Falcon - SuperV8

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  2. The soundfiles are awesome:) but the tire skids, crash sounds are not work for me once I've installed the mod.:(

    Any suggestions?
  3. Thanks for the compliment there are missing sounds as I stated but because the sfx file for the SuperV8 series is encoded the set up of those may differ from what i have used.
    I am still testing these so hopefully over the weekend i will look into it more.
  4. Rob Fitness

    Rob Fitness

    sorry, but i don't get any sound at all from the fords now, i can hear birds and a helo and the odd tire chirp, am i the only one.? i install as instructed, dropped the gamedata into AMS and let it overwrite/merge but no sounds from the fords.

    it created:
    - a new folder in sounds called FG1 which has the sound .wavs
    - a FG1.sfx in gamdata/vehicles/SuperV8
    - and it overwrote the Ford .veh files to "Sounds=FG1.sfx"

    any idea.

    has anyone else installed this on a clean install and it worked for you out of the box ?

    any help appreciated.
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  5. Very strange had a convo with 2 others who said they worked fine and i tested it 2 twice before uploading to RD and again 5mins ago all seems well which falcon are you driving and do you have any other folders apart from the ones i added in the download there are 9 folders for the Ford teams do you have any extra folders that may not have had the veh files updated?
  6. Rob Fitness

    Rob Fitness

    I used the Bottle O ford
  7. Checked every file and installed it again still works also another modder has done the same and no errors, have you tried other fords as it maybe a problem with a single veh file but i have looked at every one i sent and the sfx seems to be fine also you can install the veh files separately if they did not install the first time unless you have made changes to the sfx file or sound files i can't why there is a problem.
  8. I had same problem with no sound. Moved FG1 sound file from sounds folder into Sounds - SuperV8 folder and it now seems to work.
  9. Thanks sci006 appreciate the help there that was the problem apologies everyone just about to make a fix for this.
  10. modmad updated Sound Mod SuperV8 FG Falcon with a new update entry:

    Update Sound Mod FG Falcon SuperV8

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  11. Rob Fitness

    Rob Fitness

    Thanks Mate... im no modder...I am still just play with the crayons :roflmao:
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  12. Rob Fitness

    Rob Fitness

    just did some driving with this mod, sounds really good if your driving the ford....but I am not a ford driver so was in the Holden look alike and to me.. and its just my opinion... but it seems as the ford needs to have its volumes more at level with the supV8 (which ever ones it uses that you hear from the SupV8) as it is overpowering to sound of the SuperV8 and i cant adjust the "other player volumes" as then i don't hear the supV8... if i wanted to change this do you recommend a program to do this.? sounds unreal though, good job.

    if i wanted to experiment with the volumes that you hear when driving behind it etc. which would i have to fiddle with.

  13. I had a look it and there are a couple of numbers to change in regards to the volume multiplier in the sfx file under the outside sounds if you delete the number 2 and the comma in red and the space before the SuperV8 needs to go back so it is next to the = and that should be enough although you may hear the holdens more because of the drop in volume but im sure that should ok

    =2, SuperV8/FG1/FG_onhigh_ex
  14. Rob Fitness

    Rob Fitness

    Kewl, thanks. I will have a fiddle tomorrow night. Appreciate your work . :thumbsup:
  15. Where did you get that Cam Waters Monster Skin From? Can you please send me the link? (I could not find it anywhere) Thanks
  16. Nathan 1, check the ford skin pack in this download forum for directions (has the Monster skin). Note the Ford currently is not working with the new AMS update.
  17. Thanks, I did not know that the Ford Skin Pack Included it (I had the old version) But why does the description of the skin pack not say that it has the Waters car?
  18. Rob Fitness

    Rob Fitness

    because we stopped posting here as not allowed to link to the Ford.
  19. can any one tell me where I can get the FG mod please
  20. Rob Fitness

    Rob Fitness

    yep one sec
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