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Sorry guys (1994 mods)

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by Steven Poirier, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. Hi there

    i wont be able to finish the mod for next two month. This friday i will go for two month for a training with the army so until mid november i cant work on the mod. I will think about if i release it with what i have made and put into the game and let Doc303 post the extra work like garage etc and / or some of you what to put more on it like someone did for 199 mod until my comeback. I will be here on the forum sometime during the next 2 month but my laptop is not enough powerfull to work on photoshop or run the game.

    So sorry again!
  2. Good luck to you for your army training ; come back strong and healthy !:thumbsup:
  3. There's no need for you to feel sorry - we all can understand that there's some things that are more important than modding.

    As for what I've seen so far, the work you've done up to this point is absolutely amazing - so even if it took a year, I'd still be looking forward to it.

    Thank you for what you've done so far, I hope you won't lose your motivation until you're back!

    All the best for your time with the army :thumbsup:
  4. For sure i wont lose my motivation, me and Doc303 we have plan to try to make 1990 mod and higher for F1 2012 if its not too much pain in the ass too make some pssg files like the helmet look a bit tricky to paint...
  5. There's nothing to be sorry about...life is not about making mods! There's no hurry...be back strong and determined! ;)

  6. shame - life shouldn't be about training to kill people either. quit the army and finish F1 94!
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  7. are you for real?
  8. Dont worry i'm not an infantery warrior... i am just a communication operator ^^ with radio and all this stuff
  9. yeah - d'you not agree? F1 beats death imho
  10. It was so funny, why you misunderstood?:roflmao:
    Schifty, come back to modding and say F**K to the army. NOW.:mad:

    Good luck, man.
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  11. Just one thing ^^ i'm not americain but canadian and all of our army with 3 element sea air and land are smallest than just one of americain base... so lolll both army arent really not the same ;) and what we do. Almost of our mission are made with UN so dont think we have killed a lot of people. Just Afghanistan we got a real battle... so we are not so bad in that case
  12. Have you ever killed anyone?
  13. no i didnt, got a quiet mission in afghanistan ^^
  14. Don't remember: Rangers lead the way! Good luck!
  15. we have always said: Who shot does not talk about, and who is talking about it has never shot! ;)

    Sorry but i think it is not the right thread !:(
  16. not misunderstood, but i took it 2 ways :D , i have family who have been in the armed forces, and i know the soldiers say it's such a buzz to do it, let alone fighting for your country(what's left of it)

    but then again working on a game mod is totally awesome to, knowing that 100's will enjoy your hard work all for free, now that is something worthwhile and people highly appreciate it :)
  17. the work will be go on :)
    beta versions of loading garage and paddock for mclaren sauber and larrousse are done

    don´t worry be happy :);):D:laugh:
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  18. Good luck at the army....and take youre time.
    Iám glad that there is somebody who will make a 1994 mod.
    1 question. are Pacific and Simtek also in the mod?
    It would be great.
    And ofcourse our local hero Jos verstappen in the benneton.

    Keep up the good work.

    Greetz Sjaak from holland
  19. Yes but not on the official release. Why, because i cant put all car so 2 team will be not on the release. Footwork and Pacific. I will make a an other pack or single car to download if someone want to play with
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