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Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Tony Holder, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. Is it a fight between;

    Jenson - McLaren
    Hamilton - Mercedes
    Alonso - Ferrari
    Vettel - Red Bull
    Kimi - Lotus

    For the 2013 WDC?

  2. Don't think Hamilton is in the WDC hunt.. Merc would have to do miracles to get him to that point. He's not that much faster than Nico. I would say that rest of the four are in correct order and the fifth is either of the #2 drivers in McLaren and RBR, Perez being probably faster than Button but lacking experience and Webber being good allrounder, that is if RBR give him the chance (which they won't) I don't believe one millisecond that drivers at RBR or McLaren are in equal terms next year..Come to think of it, there very clear #1 and #2 at all those top teams: Grosjean is just happy to have another chance, and Ferrari has always had this kind of arrangement.
  3. Adrian Newey will take his fourth title :giggle:
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  4. Could be but somehow i have this itch that Button will do it a second time and Alonso will repeat last season again and leave Ferrari. Can't wait for the first tests.
  5. All 5 World Champions are in the Odd Numbered Cars for the First time and with 5 different teams.
    Car #1 : Sebastian Vettel
    Car #3 : Fernando Alonso
    Car #5 : Jenson Button
    Car #7 : Kimi Raikkonen
    Car #9 : Lewis Hamilton
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  6. I think Button has the best chances because a) McLaren is his team now, b) Mclaren had the fastest car in 2012 and ended the year on a high and c) the new tyres basically have "specially commissioned for Jenson B." written all over them.
    I don't think Kimi will be in the hunt unless Lotus produces a complete beast of a car since they simply don't have the funds to keep up in the development race over the course of the season.
    You never know with Mercedes - I think Hamilton might win a few races, but I doubt he'll be competing for the WDC.
    It'll be Button vs. Vettel vs. Alonso
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  7. I think Mclaren will have the same reliability issues they had this year.
    even if the car is great Button still needs a superior car to win a title.
    And he can´t afford to be mysteriously off-pace mid-season either.
  8. True, JB does tend to drift off for some reason. Really hoping McLaren win the WCC with JB winning the title! It could be another good season.....maybe.
  9. i've been following some of the Merc developments and they've been making HUGE improvements to the car ... at least on paper anyway. off the top of my head i think they're now going to run coanda right from the beginning, new rear suspension to try and reduce the tyre wear issues they had, few other things i can't remember. so watch out for them ;)

    EDIT: they've also moved from doing 50% to 60% models in the wind tunnel.
  10. Let's hope Mercedes and Lotus really improve from 2012. It would be great to see them on par with Mclaren or even Red Bull.. one can dream :rolleyes:
  11. One must dream.. I did vote for Kimi as next WDC ;) He surely deserves it, he and Hamilton are the quickest drivers out there, then comes Alonso. and.x, x, x, x follows... and then comes Vettel.
  12. Yea they made some changes mid-season last year like the wind tunnel you mentioned.

    I hope to see Nico and Hamilton up there, they have probably the strongest driver line-up out of any top team.
  13. Obviously I want McLaren to win the constructors, but I don't see it being a simple task.

    Ferrari will start the season with a less than competitive car as usual, bringing it together by race 3 or 4, as usual :p

    Mercedes development sounds promising.

    McLaren are always there or there about and Red Bull are obviously certain to be competitive.

    Newey says that work on the RB9 is going slowly, but I think it's all relative. The RB8 was a very good car, not the best, Mclaren was in 2012, but Red Bull don't really have that much work to do, given the regulations are the same for 2013.

    McLaren are always top secret, so we'll find out how good they are in qualifying at Melbourne.

    Mercedes have a lot of work to do, but it sounds like they're doing it, who knows?

    I think Lotus had a great car last year. A race winning car and on the podium regularly, I think they just need to refine a few details and they'll be up there with the big boys.

    Anyway, It's teams first drivers second for me, so havent got any predictions on how the WDC will pan out, but I'm sure I'll have plenty of opinion after the first race, where obviously I can predict the other 19 races perfectly based on that first performance :laugh:
  14. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Yeah they will have a very happy new year again I fear in 2013.
  15. I'm curious about how the Ferrari 2013 will be.
    The F2012 has the equal Race pace with the Likes of Mclaren and Redbull but only Handicapped by Qualifying.
    The New rules of DRS may aid them to hit the front regularly.
  16. not really...the Ferrari finished 40sec behind Maca and RB at COTA..a place that has a bit of everything
  17. I don't think that result was a Proving point of F2012 pace Ivan. Massa has more pace than Alonso had that weekend and he slowed down to give alonso breathing space from behind.
    Alonso was off the pace that weekend and if Massa was allowed to race then He will finish behind Vettel by atleast +10-+18 sec due to his Charge through the field.
  18. Kartik how did u calculate those exact +10 - +18 sec
  19. Well Massa's Pace was around 0.27 sec slower than Vettel and Hamilton on average.My friend made this calculation and told me by considering his, Vettel Hamilton pace he may end up behind Vettel by atleast +10- +18 Sec .
  20. how can that be when he finished 46sec behind the leaders,and thats taking into consideration he wasnt allowed to pass Alonso