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Sone Vegas Pro 8 problem please help! :D

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hampus Andersson, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. I have edited a clip that i want to get on youtube with the best possible quality.

    I´ve read on the net that .wmv is the best format to use when rendering.

    The problem is that Vegas cannot find the .wmv template despite me first having WMP 12, then uninstalled that, still no luck, installed WMP 11. but still nothing :S

    I can choose it in the menu but not the rest like quality etc.

    Here´s a picture of what i´m talking about.


    If anyone know how to get only the template or another way around this problem please share your knowledge ;)

    The only thing i want is to get it up with the best quality possible.
  2. Can you not try a different file type, i normally use .avi or DivX files for my stuff?
  3. And the quality is good? I want to have quality like this in the video below.

    I know he has some effects on like blur and such but i just want it to look good on youtube and not pixely. Even being able to choose 1080p HD would be nice.
  4. What settings should i use then if i choose .avi or DivX? And are they compatible with Youtube?
  5. Hey Hampus!
    So basically, install the divx codecs first... the "pro" version if possible, that will find on any good torrent website ;) (TPB for exemple)
    Then, restart Vegas so it sees they have been installed and in the "render" part, choose Divx for mulicore rendering.
    In Vegas, you have to choose 1920x1080 as a format also... Don't remember where it is exactly, but somewhere in the render tab
    Then click on "custom"
    The DIVX control tabopens, choose maximum HD 1080p in the profile.
    Move the arrow under it to maximum quality, slowest time
    Then asa bitrate, enter "20000", the maximum for 1080p video.
    In the other tab ("video") choose desinterlace source.

    Press ok a few time, choose where you want it to be saved and wait a bit.
    There you go with maximum quality for youtube :)
  6. Tried rendering it in .avi and it worked but when i watch the clip on my computer with VLC it looks like **** to be honest ;)

    Tried .mov now and set the resolution to 1024x720. and it do not look crisp. the sound got all weird to for some reason :S
  7. Oh sorry Flavien i missed your post toatlly, give me a few seconds and i´ll read thorugh it m8.
  8. Try the way i told you...
    You probably got an interlaced encoding, combined with a crappy bitrate...

    That's the last one I encoded doign what I wrote... you cannot geta better than that on youtube...
    Quit using wmv, as it sucks...
    Also .mov are not codecs... They are containers. They in fact are mp4 or h.264 formats...
    The extension is a freaking mess with Vegas as it is an Apple thing...

    EDIT: hehe all good :)
  9. Is DivX Plus Pro 8.0 any good?
  10. perfect ;)
    Don'tfoget to "activate" it with the serial number provided otherwise you might not encode properly :)
  11. Ok, btw you have no idea how much i love you right now (in a non gay way btw) :p

    Installing it right now, so i´ll give it try thanks!
  12. hahahahha
  13. Hmm still doesn´t recognise it in the menu. the movie clips where you drag clips from is in DivX format judging by the icons but it wont show up as Divx in the dropdown menu in render as?

  14. Sorry, Select ".avi", then click (then select DV=NTSC or DV=PAL, depending on what you got)
    And click on "custom"
    Then under "video format", select Divx Codec (2 or 4 logical CPU)
    Click on "custom" or "properties, right next to it, and then follow my post from ealier
  15. Did everything you wrote but when i watch the clip on the computer with DivX own program it doesn´t look good at all :S

    I uploaded it to youtube so maybe it looks better there :S
  16. Here´s the link. It seems it wont render at the resolution i tell it to.
  17. I did some tweaking in Sony Vegas so it´s rendering a new file now, just hope it comes out good.
  18. Don't forget to select 1920x1080p in vegas also...
    Once you've chosen Divx, you have select HD1080 (1920x1080) under "image size"
    Also, in the divx tab, don't forget to select "deinterlace source" in the video section, otherwise you will see stripes everywhere as soon as the camera moves fast
  19. Here´s another try, got the HD resolution but still to pixely.

    Can you post screens of all the settings you use including those in Vegas and not just Rendering?