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Some questions before buying BTB Pro

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by diaboko, Jul 11, 2009.

  1. Hello, I'm going to buy the license for use the program, but I have some questions before.

    - Do I have any limitation in numbers of installations?
    - Can I use my license when I format the Hard Disc?

  2. 1: yes , the licences only works on 1 computer.
    2. allmost, if it the main drive then you just resubmit you hid file and piddy will sorted it out.with a new licence.

  3. Reading through other posts and from my own experience, if you have License problems because of hardware or software you have two choices, wait for you current license to expire or buy a new one.
    If your worried about this, my advice is don’t register your license for longer than one month at a time.
    I registered mine for four months and had a problem, now I have to wait until October to use the program again.
  4. I noticed one small thing so far. I was editing the AIW driving lines on a track with a bridge and the driving lines, grid, etc jump up to the upper track from thwe lower as they go under the bridge and I cannot lower them manually.
  5. Thanks for your answers. I've just bought the license. I can't wait to use it :D