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Some question on car handling

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by DikiDino, Apr 26, 2011.

  1. I've actually spend quite a long period of time in this game.

    Completed 3 times Season 1 (2 time with mod that allow me to choose all team and latest is with Lotus)

    Also has done a few career with Virgin team.

    So in career mode i've drove the following. Had some crash issue, autosave bug & etc which make me have to abandon my save game for new.


    Now my question is i've used the setup posted on the forum here and i'm doing quite well with in Expert mode.

    Just yesterday, finally completed a season 1 with Lotus and now signed up as Driver 1 with Tora in Season 2.

    Upon loading my car setup which i used for the rest of the car that i drove before, its a complete nightmare.

    This exact same setup that i used for Mclaren, Ferrari, Virgin and Lotus all works well. But its horrible on the Tora. Is this suppose to happen? Thought all car will be similar?
  2. I found there are small differences required between each team. For instance, I usually use a Red Bull. I raced a Williams and coming out of the last corner at Melbourne, the Williams' back end has a tendency to snap out if I use as much throttle as I would in the Red Bull. I think setups are 95% the same between teams. My experience anyway.
  3. The cars are different, so not all setups work well on all cars in career mode.
  4. I see. Thanks.

    Now i have to setup for my STR because obviously my old setup doesn't works. LOL