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Some issues regarding RD R3E events

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Dan Costa, Sep 5, 2016.

  1. Dan Costa

    Dan Costa
    Fear the Crazy Dan Premium

    Hi guys! Monday mornings, right? lol ... just 6 more days till the next sunday race. oh bummer.

    In order to past time:

    - Like Bakus said in the latest sunday race, I feel split 20 minute races feel like a straight jacket. Sundays have been traditionally the "main" event of the week everybody looks forward to, and should really reflect that.

    - Pit rules would be very welcomed on the main topic. What is a pit stop?

    Can I only re-fuel?
    Can I only change tires?
    Can I only change front or rear tires?

    I recon to have caught penalties in more than half the races I entered.

    - In-game time of day settings should be set on the topic as well.

    When aiming for consistent fast lap times you dont use the track signs for cues as they are 50 meters apart. You use shadows, trees, poles, patches of grass. The visual cues all change dramatically between noon/sunset/morning.

    You could say this is fair for everybody because it applies to everyone on the server, but really, you are just penalizing those who give these races one hour of practice on a saturday instead of jumping in blind on sunday. Know your car/track before entering a race should be your nÂș1 rule unless drinking beers with friends is the only reason these races are for.

    Sunsets are also really hard to see on a D65 calibrated computer screen, as the brightness is properly dim mimicking real life sun set. I bet it looks very film-like and bright - michael bay transformer movies - on screens with brightness bumped up to eleven, but again, there is a very good reason racing is done at mid day, as its called racing and not a sunday afternoon stroll.

    You could say I'm taking the races seriously and they are supposed to be fun. Well, they are, but who's to say whats fun? drinking beers while chatting around on teamspeak? sure. Whats also fun is racing. And perhaps catching the fast guy in front of you in equal terms without concerns about the pit roulette or the odd guy who wasn't aware his car locked rears when shifting down to 2nd while being blue flagged by the leaders.

    I hope this resonates with some of you guys.

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  2. Caramidaru Andrei Bogdan

    Caramidaru Andrei Bogdan
    Mr. C Premium

    My brother, where have you been... Driving at the moment, have answer for all your troubles.
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  3. Caramidaru Andrei Bogdan

    Caramidaru Andrei Bogdan
    Mr. C Premium

    So @Dan Costa before you read, what I think it's going to be a long PM remember that I am on your side, ok?:)

    Don't know where to start, but I think I will start with the Pits . In the pits you have to change a minimum of two tires for the pit to count, the others don't matter(fuel or 4 x tires) so if you change 2 x tires withing the pit window you are golden. Those are the game rules, admin as far as I know can't change that , so remember that for the future.

    In-game time of day on RR club events is after-noon always, @Kenny Paton or @Lars Hansen can confirm/infirm this. I run allmost max settings and I have no trouble with sunshine or glare, but I also run only swingman so don't know if that is different or not, and especially don't know what a D64 computer screen is, I have Asus ROG PG279Q 165Hz for me(have one for sale also :)) )

    About taking racing seriously, this is a long discussion that I am going to try to make it short.
    For me, you, and some other folks FUN = be as fast as possible and have awesome fights on equal terms with same level guy's, the thrill of the fight, the pressure of being chased or the adrenaline of chasing, the heart stopping moments when you go wheel to wheel half the lap and you think "****, what a moment" or the shitting your pants when you all most lose it trying to push that extra thent, that's fun for us, at least for me, and I take it serious also, as I said to many for me simracing is living my dream, I treat it like a "racing career", I love to be competitive, I love to fight and win and had tons of people laugh at me or simpatyze but what I did learn in my 6 years of RD and other big names communities is that there are 2-3 levels of FUN.
    1. Us, the "aliens" the fast guy's, and to quate Andy(won't tag him as he will start a rampage probably :)), no offence Andy pls), that do everything to win
    2. The guy's that just enjoy racing be it last or first, they treat this as a hobby and don't get to emotionally involved
    3. Guy's that also enjoy simracing as their hobby but also love a banter on TS as part of the packedge and doing this for 6 years, when I am not in TS for a race I find my self that I miss it in some wierd way, even do on rare occasions it's a bit hard to keep focus:)), but I treat it like memories, you will have good memories by joining TS.

    So with this 3 levels each driver from any of the levels has to respect the other's definition of Fun, I know at least 5-6 people in RR club that don't like my definition of FUN, but really don't care, I try to as nice as possible to everyone and fully understand their side of the story.

    RR club events are great, no ofence to the current admins when I say that it allmost mathces the old club day's of Race07, where you had to sign up two weeks before and practice allot more than just the 30min before the race, but I do love RR and the recent club events and we can only grow from here.

    So @Dan Costa if sometimes admins make a small mistake, it's ok, it just put's us "serious" guy's a bit off but nothing to get very upset about.
    I think the admins gladly accept suggestions.
    One thing that I can say, you should really try TS, so many times I wanted to say something to you, but if you don't like to hear others you can mute them all except Kenny or Lars so you can ask and then Kenny will reply and all will be goud.

    Hope this doesn't upset you, see you on track (hopefully behind me)

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  4. Lars Hansen

    Lars Hansen
    RDs Ion-Engine....0-60 in six days. Staff Premium

    Pretty much what Mr. C said, with a few elaborations.

    There are three basic rules when Kenny and myself come up with these races.
    1. They are open for everybody, no matter their skill-level.
    2. They should be as varied as possible to avoid stagnation.
    3. There is now way we'll please everybody all the time.

    Re. 1, this means that pretty much all the races will feature a mixture of both skills and motivations for racing in the first place. As Mr. C said, some do it to win, others treat it like a social thing and so on.
    Doesn't matter, everybody is welcome.
    And that will not change.
    Nor will it change if we ever do a league. Every premium member will still be allowed to enter.

    Re. 2, it means that we change things around every now and again.
    Some people can only race week-ends for whatever reason, so occasionally we'll swap the TCs in there.
    And occasionally we'll do 2x20m minutes racing instead of 40-60m for the same reason.
    It also means that we vary the time of day, race-length, the track and the cars.
    Everybody have their own preferences, and there will inevitably be combos that don't suit somebody.
    And yes, we do get it wrong every now and again.
    Anyone who remembers FR2s@Lausitsring can testify to that one. :D

    Re. 3......
    It can't be done. :)
    And I have long since accepted this and moved on.
    We're more than happy to take suggestions and/or critique, and if we can co-operate it into the coming schedule we'll be more than happy to do so. But I can also say from experience that your favourite combo will inevitably be someone else's worst nightmare.
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  5. No offence taken Mr C (the self confessed alien;)). You fill your boots. I understand what you mean and I don't blame you at all. It's why I don't want to race anymore with you guys to be honest. You are too serious for my liking. The constant bragging about lap times and setups are far beyond my understanding so I don't bother any more. But that's my fault, not yours or any one else's. I am happy to stay offline and race the AI these days but I might join the odd MP race here for old times sake and for a bit of the excellent banter amongst the mid pack drivers and the rear echelon guys that make up the field.
    No rampage from me Mr C. ;):thumbsup: I'm too mellowed now with more important issues in life to deal with.
    All the best.
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  6. Kenny Paton

    Kenny Paton
    Staff Premium

    I feel that this OP was directed at me because of Dan's issues last night, however I think any points I would have made in reply have been well covered by others.
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  7. Dan Costa

    Dan Costa
    Fear the Crazy Dan Premium

    Thanks for time addressing this.

    1 and 2 are not really my issues. Although at a personal level I kind of think its a bit unbecoming for RD having drivers learn the car/track at the main event. Brings it ever so close to open server racing.

    About my suggestions, If you add to the topic the detailed pitstop info + time of day you will be addressing 2 of my 3 issues and thus being closer to pleasing everyone rather than keeping it the same forever, Lars :)

    If you are telling me that even those details will always be random, then you are impairing the kind of fun some of us like to have.

    You guys realize that by a struck of luck RD R3E club has 4 or 5 drivers putting in laps within a second of the world record at the races (and there could be more, I dont know what happened to M. Nielsen), and they are all willing to race together almost every sunday. You just dont see this anymore outside of league racing, and even there its not common.
    I guess I am seeing crazy potential in this club, but its up to the admins where they want to steer this ship.
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  8. Dan Costa

    Dan Costa
    Fear the Crazy Dan Premium

    The server pitstop configuration? I did not even addressed it in this topic. Its not an issue, it just happened.

  9. Kenny Paton

    Kenny Paton
    Staff Premium

    First and foremost it is a club, we want people of all skill levels to have fun and enjoy themselves in whatever way they want to, potential is a different matter. There is room for all types. that means you guys who are fast race at the front and others throughout the grid. People race with us knowing what it is and they must enjoy it or they wouldn't do it.
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  10. I rest my case m'lord.............:notworthy::notworthy:
  11. Christian Moreau

    Christian Moreau
    Don't ask me to say aboot... Staff Premium

    Some of us discussed with Kenny the nature of this club yesterday after the races. I've only been participating in these club events for a little over 2 months now, but I immediately realized that this club is all about providing an experience for people of all skill and preparation levels and I think that's something we can all agree on.

    I don't have any problems with people showing up to a race unprepared. I understand that some do not have the time to dedicate to practice and setups like most of the top drivers do. I feel that there is already a good balance of varying skill levels throughout the grid since during Sunday races, there are always 4-5, sometimes more people that lap fast times within a few tenths of each other to compete for the win, and we have a very healthy mid-field full of competitiveness and banter. No matter where you sit on the grid, you will have someone to race, that's the great thing about this club.

    I've tried races club races in AMS, AC, rF2 and R3E, the R3E club is by far the most fun I've had and is the most inviting. :inlove:
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  12. Lars Hansen

    Lars Hansen
    RDs Ion-Engine....0-60 in six days. Staff Premium

    Fair enough. I don't see a problem with adding that info to the OPs.
    Although it would be easier for everybody if we just had set times for each session-type and simply have those times in a separate post.
    But let Kenny and myself get together and we'll see what we can come up with.

    Well, they're not random. We do occasionally think about this.
    You won't see mandatory pit-stops in a 20m race for example.
    (Well, except when we forget to disable it after the last race :D )
    As far as the day of time goes, Kenny is the one that usually sets the servers so he'll have to confirm/deny this, but AFAIK practice and Qualy are set to noon, while the race is set to afternoon.
    As for impairing the fun.......There's a flip side to that coin.
    If we kept everything at noon all the time, we'd be impairing the fun of those who prefer varying times.
    As I said earlier, we can't please everybody. :)

    This is where I both agree and disagree.
    I agree that it's great that RD is attracting some of the fastest guys around, and I'm thrilled that they're having so much fun racing each other up at the top end of the pack.
    However, I'm equally thrilled that we're also attracting a lot of less skilled racers, and that they're having just as much fun racing each other at a somewhat more sedate pace.
    And just so there are absolutely no misunderstandings, let me say this:
    RaceDepartment is not, and will never be, a place for the elite only.
    I don't care if the entire cast of the F1 circuit came online to race here, they'd still have to make room for the rest of us.
    Now, if you want a separate club for people above a certain skill-level only, that's absolutely fine.
    Just scroll down, hit the 'Jobs' link, and send Bram an application describing what you're looking to do.
    But even though I can't speak for Kenny, while I'm around the R3E Club races will be open for everybody.

    Finally, re. the league racing.
    I'm not a part of the TCOne/TCTwo leagues, but I do occasionally talk to people who are.
    And from what I've heard, while it does feature some of the fastest guys in R3E, it's also an absolute shambles when it comes to driving-standards.
    The thing about competition is that while it does make people strive to get better, it also appeals to some of the worst instincts in people.
    And I for one have no desire to see that sort of thing permeate the Club races.
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  13. Kenny Paton

    Kenny Paton
    Staff Premium

    You just did:thumbsup:
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  14. Jazz Forsberg

    Jazz Forsberg
    2nd hand driver Premium

    Just wanted to point out that not only competition makes people want to get better. :p
    I have a bunch of things to say, but after 15 minutes of trying I have to give up, my english is too rusty :cautious:

    PS. I'm sure even the aliens would miss the rest of the grid as I miss every single player I've raced with who has left us because reasons. I think we all need each other to be what we are. :)
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  15. Dan Costa

    Dan Costa
    Fear the Crazy Dan Premium

    Just to reiterate again, my comment on the fast drivers who are on this club was an afterthought. My issues are the main and only thing I care.

    I said what I said about the fast drivers to make you guys proud of what was accomplished thus far and not to impose an entry barrier towards all drivers. I'm am not advocating that. The overall skill is more than 10 times higher than what we see on open servers so all is good. I just "personally" feel you guys would be helping yourselves with some tweaks here and there, hence the "steer the ship" comment. Some stability and stronger etiquete rules would probably bring more racers, but that's as me saying water is wet.

    @Andy Jackson
    I don't know what happened before that steered you away, but the gloating about laps and setups is one of the ways someone can have fun in this game even though I personaly dont do it. I do become annoyed when seeing people learn the track on the race, but its more like a fly crossing my sights and not really an issue.
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  16. jimortality


    People learning the track in practice before a race is also a bug bear of mine. I understand they may not have time to practice but when you've been taken off the track because someone doesn't know it then it's not fun. I'm a slow driver but If I sign up for a race, then I damn well make sure I know which way to turn. If I haven't got time to practice I don't enter.
  17. I understand. I'll buzz off and get in someone elses's way. ;):thumbsup::notworthy:
  18. Hi Jim.
    I can't say I have ever been taken off by new guy who didn't know the track. Perhaps because they didn't understand the rules maybe? But I have been taken off by dive bombing aliens fast guys intent on getting past at all costs. But you have hit on an important point there. Practice. I don't have time to practice that often, maybe an hour before sometimes but certainly not enough to allow me to compete with the fast guys. So I'll always be one of the casual chaps just dropping in for a fun race now and again. And that will always put me at odds with the fast guys who are lapping us, dive bombing us and generally using us as mobile chicanes. :D Just a fly to be squatted out the way.......:sneaky::whistling::)
  19. jimortality


    The thing is Andy, it's not necessarily new guys that don't know the track but other more regular people. how many times in the after race report do we read "I'll know next time to try and learn the track beforehand" and guess what , they don't!
  20. Yeah Jim I have heard that but these guys don't tend to make you crash. They just crash themselves or are very slow. There is no rule here that says 2 days of pre-practice is mandatory. There is no money to be won or trophies to collect. But I do understand where you are coming from.
    Cya on track sometime.:thumbsup:
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