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Solderer's Corner (General Chat)

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Brian Clancy, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. A place for all the 'other' stuff that doesnt fit anywhere else and just general chat!:D

  2. ah! but does he know the recipe for the perfect chicken soup and turtles? I think not :cool:

  3. No, BUT I DO Mwwhaaaaaaaar
  4. Abdul Al-Amry

    Abdul Al-Amry
    2011 RD Indy 500 Winner

    Brian, possible to have one of the buttons mapped to a bottle of water?

    i'll get me coat.
  5. Sorry Abdul, not tried that, tho the pump on my BEER dispenser button (mapped on my G25) might work with a few calibrations, BUT why water when you can have BEER!

    is this going off topic????? maybe better off in the chat section LMAO
  6. not much chat yet? you lot are quiet!
  7. looking at the price for the components (2 rotaries, LCD Shifter thing, knitters) alone cost about £130 :frown:. I know that like you said Brian you can re-use them once you have them etc but still its a lot of money.

    How long does Leo normally take to reply? Been nearly a day now, is that normal?

    Theres some chat for ya :p

  8. Hey Dan! Leo is a nightmare for replys, prob wont even get one lol!

    Look at the SLI-M its price is $75 DOLLARS = about £52 quid, rotarys are £2.50ea so a fiver = £57, knitters are dear @ £7ea, but there are much cheaper ones on E-Bay, but say 4x knitter switch @ £7 = £28 total = £85.........sound better? Use the 4 knitter switches for the main buttons and if you want more buy some cheapies and upgrade em later:wink:

    Even with carbon film, wire, perspex your well under £100 and ita crackin bit 'o' kit mate!:cool:

    EDIT: I dont use knitters for button box anyway, too dear i.m.h.o. I only use for steering wheels! So scratch them from the list, should get good buttons for under a quid each :)
  9. anyone know where you can get some self adhesive letters from? like;

    Scouting round all I found was some £32 a set ones and some special made to order ones. Anyone had any experience with letters?
  10. I'm working on some that will be included in some very nifty PDF wheel/button box plans I'm gonna sell..... but thats another story:wink:
  11. I woudl buy a Dymo letra tag machine and some additional coloured taoes and make them up myself. Look on amazon for a Dymo letra tag machine. about £20-30, them you can make as many as you want.