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SoftTH with onboard gfx

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by vmagics, Aug 15, 2009.

  1. vmagics


    I have an nVidia 9800gtx+ and some crappy onboard gfx chip. Will I be able to run a triple screen setup with SoftTH using the 2 outputs from the 8800gtx and 1 from the onboard? I copied this quote from another forum so I was wondering if anybody here can confirm it. I think my onboard is an nVidia 8xxx so the driver issue shouldn't be a problem but if it's not an 8xxx series does it mean I can't do it? I am running Vista64, and play GTR Evo, rFactor and LFS on occasions among others (FPS etc.)

    > "One thing to keep in mind, is that under vista (and probable win7) you need the same video drivers (so if your inboard card is a 9400, you will need a 9xxxx card)"