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Misc Sochi - Helicopter Cams (F1) 1.0

Helicopter cameras for Sochi circuit

  1. Phoenix77 submitted a new resource:

    Sochi - Helicopter Cams (F1) - Helicopter cameras for Sochi circuit

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  2. Peter Stokman

    Peter Stokman

    looks great but wud be nice (in general not only this mod) if there wud be more info about where to unpack those things ( not everybody, incl me, is a computer expert:geek:
  3. Hi Peter

    It all depends how much time I've got when I upload these things... This one was first thing in the morning... Short on time...
    Generally it's best to extract any archives into a Temp directory, go into the folder in Assetto Corsa/content/ folder and check folder names etc... I never extract anything directly into content folder... As sometimes it ends up an extra folder down... And AC won't pick it up...

    I'm new on here, I'm new on youtube, and I'm new to modding cameras... only being doing it for a about a month.. And just took it that extracting things to a folder was self expanatory really... Im no computer expert either lol :geek:

    But as you're post in the support section shows... Any questions people have, I will answer to the best of my knowledge... As long as they don't get toooo technical..

    I do these cams for my own use... And just signed up on here as I thought it was fair to share something back... Seeing as the amount of top quality mods I've downloaded on here.. Without being a member..
  4. Peter Stokman

    Peter Stokman

    thx , i find it unbelievable how people like you makes those kind off things, really goes over my head :speechless:
  5. Cheers mate :)
    It's kind of simple, Basically 3D co-ordinates in 3D space...
    The modders who make Cars and Tracks... I really salute them... That's WAY beyond my level...
    of Artificial Intelligence lol :confused: