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So we have a "difficulty slider"... :)

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Gonira, Sep 26, 2011.

  1. i'm slow. i see some of you guys saying you're getting podiums in expert and it's just mind boggling. unfortunately, using quick setups, all i can do is being 1.5 to 2 seconds slower than my team mate professional ai in melbourne (assists off at least). but intermediate is far too easy, too big of a leap. and i can't push any harder than high 29's and low 30's. shame on me.

    so i see all these posts whining about the spring stiffness setup bug, which is a huge bug indeed, probably the worst on this game (essentially, you can gain up to 5 seconds running 11/11 stiffness) and something clicked.

    what if i try slightly stiffer springs until i'm on pace with the ai?

    and that's it. i changed my springs from the default 6/6 to 8/8 and now i'm running consistent mid to high 28's, right on pace with rubens.

    don't patch this, codemasters. this is not a bug, it's a feature. :D
  2. lol :D
  3. yes but if you put ride height to 3, 4, and springs 11, 11. you'll be master of every track. its a bug and needs fixing.
  4. and with this bug you lose the car spinning out. A feature of the game and a skill to keep hold of. thats why its a bug.
  5. you don't think i was being serious when i said "don't fix it", right? :)

    anyway, it's nice having the ability to fine tune my own pace like i was god, hehe. i'm not a setup guy so i don't care too much about the bug. i like to have the ability to find a sweet spot where i'm not in no man's land, way ahead of the crappy teams but lapped by everyone else. i saw some guys complaining that legend is too hard and professional is too easy, so i posted this trick as a hint for them. it's not like it should be, but might be useful ;)

    btw, i'm horrible enough to still spin running 8/8, so the thrill is still there.

    edit: meh, 8/8 has too much grip. once i got used to the limit, i could run a 26.9, which is 2.9 faster than my pb with 6/6 (and actually, i'm unable to spin, lol). but ai was 1 second faster than before, could it be due to temperature/rubbering? i outqualified barrichello and got 10th place, while he was 15th. i ran more than 100 laps in this track already, but still felt like cheating. once i get better at the game, it'll certainly be boring. i'll restart the career again and try 7/7, it might be optimal for me.
  6. Maybe my games is not bugged but I can still lose it whatever setup I have. I'm on professional some only minor assist help. IT maybe too quick if you also wall run and corner cut which I fee need addressing more than this. All the best lap times are done using corner cutting on xbox anyway.
  7. Not aware of the suspension stiffness issue. However, base on theory, softer suspension gives more grip but also give more body roll. So quick change of direction is a big no no.

    From what i read so far, it seems like F1 2011 make it the otherway round where harder suspension give more grip. LOL
  8. Guys guys...Are you reading something about F1 in real life...There is fixed balast weight. And this year the rear end of the cars is much more unstable because of the new rules. There are no more double decker diffusers and the KERS is here so engine braking is back. Engine braking means that when you lift of the throttle the rear end of the car wil oversteer. So it means that the rear end of the car needs different setup than last year cars. So this is not bug but feature in the game. BTW Anthony Davidson is F1 test driver and probably knows how the cars are performing.

    The suspension model is correct now. In F1 2010 you can fly over the track on lowest ride height and suspension very soft. This is funny. The car will botom out on high fuel in every corner. In F1 2011 you can feel every bump and grip change. You can feel the wheel weight on high speeds etc.

    This is what i think about the game.
  9. slavko, you obviously didn't test the difference between normal spring stiffness settings and 11/11. Try it without any driving assists and then come back and talk how everything is correct, as it should be.
  10. Yes Igor I've tested the game. I'm driving without any assist from the start. I love the fact that you cannot put brick on the throttle on corner exit and in the high speed corners. BTW the teams are now using different suspension design than last year.
  11. slavko, we're not bashing this years physics, i like them. fact is, you really gain 5 seconds per lap and impossible ammounts of grip running max spring stiffness. this is unnattainable in real life, it's an obvious bug.

    btw, 8/8 is too easy and 7/7 is too hard. damn codemasters, your game is so broken :p
  12. i don't know if its a bug or not, but it helped me, with legend ia i was like 2 seconds off the pace of my team mate, and profressional ia i was like 2 seconds faster than him. im playing carrer in force india, all aids off, all sim on
  13. Try Turkey with 11-11 springs. Out of this world grip I have in the force india, very little skill required, It's has kinda ruined the game for me, the car is better in its first year than a fully upgraded red bull was last year. I know I should just leave the spring setting alone but something keeps telling me, go faster, go 11-11, but yeh, you will be falling asleep during the lap cause its so boring.
  14. its complicated because in the race, legend AI, it's so hard for me to follow a car closely, while in qualify i do laps way more faster than most cars, codemaster has done really an aewsome game, but still, they got to release the game fully developed, otherwise they will just release f1 2012, 2013 and so on, with something that will ruin the game, and the pit stop bug happened with me a already in f1 2011 too
  15. I haven't seen the PSB in 2011, but I saw it enough in 2010 to dread pitting. Nothing like going in at #1 and leaving at #18. :mad:

    Does CM have a QA dept....surely someone has to see this stupid stuff before release? It's a great game and all, but come on....magic springs? Someone had to notice that the cars were all amazing by going 11-11.

    BTW, I haven't used that setting at all. I hope they fix it, and when they do they need to wipe the leader boards as there is no telling how many have been using it.
  16. After playing this game since release in North America, I'm convinced the "QA" team "tested" this game using only the quick setup on a console with a gamepad...

    I wonder if they even own a PC with a wheel :rolleyes:
  17. Maybe this is PC only bug? I don't experience it on XB360. In career mode green track still seems like driving on ice.
  18. I didn't think of this as a bug. I just thought it was a difference in setups between cars. I was driving the Red Bull at Turkey using another car's setup and the springs were at 1/1. Everytime I went through turn 8 the back end would come around and the car would spin out. I thought it meant the springs were too soft causing too much body roll.

    I think it does need to be fixed though.
  19. Yes guys....Definitely you are right. I've noticed that it is very hard to drive with high rake (nose down with high rear - red bull style) also suspension is unplayable under 7/7. I didn't understand what you were talking about :). This problem is higher with backmarker cars. But this is new and i think that they will refine this. Or if this is the real thing they have to give us more info or manual. Again sorry