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So So Close!!

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Simon Roberts, Jan 2, 2011.

  1. Been putting quite a bit of time in iR the past few days and making sure i Qualify for every race has made a massive difference to my experience, I seem to be qualifying 2nd a heck of a lot and then having some very close racing indeed (rookie mx5's) with some class C and D drivers, im loving every single second, heres my profile and last races, VERY close to 4.0SR now and promotion to D hopefully tomorrow :)

  2. If you do one time trial you`ll be D class. :)
  3. Think i'll probably just do a race in the morning, Racing is a heck of a lot more fun!
  4. Famous last words before a barrel roll down the cork screw at Laguna.

    No, I agree. :)
  5. I made it today! Now D class with SR 3.44 and iR of 1310 :)
  6. Congrats! I kind of miss the leveling up, the rpg element of iRacing. All I can do now is get pro licence, although I wouldnt be using it much.
  7. and DWC after that :thumbup:
  8. Lol, yeah right!
  9. Ive decided to give the Mustangs a whirl, went in an open practice last night and they were a lot of fun to drive :D
  10. Congrats on the D...!!!
  11. Thanks Joe :)
  12. congrats on promotion, you will love the Mustang, great car
  13. It is a ton of fun! Takes some getting used to after the VERY stable MX5's, needs to be driven at 10% throttle coming past the apex and then feather the throttle in, not like the MX5's where you can hit the trottle hard everywhere haha.
  14. You don't need to qualify for every race. You qualify once per week and that time sticks for every race in that week unless of course you want to try and better it - if you better your time then that new time will be your qualifying time for the week.
  15. Thanks for that mate! Didnt know that.