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So how long before "realism mods" are released that turn the track surface into ice?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Austin Ogonoski, Dec 22, 2013.

  1. Serious question.
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  2. Probably not until a protection system is released to ensure the files aren't modded for hotlaps. If it's possible to turn the surface to ice then the other way is open aswell. Having that on RSR hotlap leaderboards wouldn't be a good idea.
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  3. Not soon enough, but may not be possible with this physics engine...
  4. Shawn Jacobs

    Shawn Jacobs
    SpeedyMite Racing Premium

    I presume by "Realism mods" your refering to the age old adage in the sim racing world that in order for a sim to be a sim it has to be impossible to drive? which goes hand in hand with some people complaining that there's to much grip and that the game is too easy. If this is what you are refering to I for one hope never! and if there are these mods developed I won't be going any where near them that's for sure. AC has got it the closest I've ever seen to IRL and I think the handling is great just the way it is :)
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  5. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    Hopefully never.

    I feel Kunos have got it pretty spot on with the physics engine: it's easy to drive the car under it's limits, but difficult to drive on the absolute maximum limit.

    I find that I can easily do lap after lap after lap when I'm driving just under the limit, but I'll be 3-5 seconds off the top guys. But when I drive 100% on the limit I can get within 1-1.5 seconds of the top guys but I have a hard time getting a clean lap in because I often find myself over-driving the car.

    Not to mention the potential problems these mods could create with online play, and lap time leaderboards.
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  6. Lets hope they don't change it. After doing IRacing for quite a while, its an absolute joy to drive AC and find you can actually brake hard without locking the wheels and you can stop a slide and you don't spend the whole time behind the wheel being nervous of crashing.
  7. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    The AC base circuits + DLC tracks + hopefully a collection of Virtua_LM's finest and I am good to go for the coming years.

    Not looking forward to icey conversions myself and really hope that AC's future community tracks will be quality over quantity.
  8. I'm pretty sure the RSR software checks your file integrity... the surface materials are in easily writable ini files (eg. content/tracks/magione/data/surfaces.ini) with friction pretty visible, so it wouldn't be too hard to tweak it.
  9. I'd be happy if they only allowed skins. Leave the cars and tracks to the developers as in my experience from rFactor/Race07 etc the quality varies wildly.
    I'd just like a game, like you kinda get on consoles where you can share skins, set-ups etc. but all cars and tracks are 'locked' so that we only get the developers work, either through DLC packs or free add-ons and that way we can be assured of a consistent quality and if we are paying £4.99 for a track and a few cars we are also helping to keep them business.

    I understand the PC gamers need to be able to change everything about a game, but Codemasters seem to do ok with their titles without the thousands of PS2 era looking tracks and cars and odd physics (i.e made-up) that come with them.
    It also means Multi-Player is nothing short of a minefield - in that no-one is sure if they have the exact car/track combo all up to date etc. Annoying.
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  10. You know you can always stick to the base content if you wanted. rFactor doesn't have half as much content by default as Assetto Corsa has in it's early months. You know, that's not a slight difference to consider. If somebody wants to avoid the bad quality of mods, they will be able to, hence AC having tons of content on the base game itself. rFactor is lacking on that case.
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  11. I intend to. My point is with mods and tracks comes splintering of Multiplayer. There also comes with that variable quality.
    If there are 6 versions of Le Mans and 3 types of Mods with Le Mans cars, that's alot of people off doing different things as different people will like different things about each version of the track and each Mod.

    I would just like for everything to be kept nice and neat so that we can have multi player races with more than 4 people.
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  12. Turk


    This is what I am thinking. The bar is so high on the cars that Kunos make that modder cars won't fit into the game too well. It will be interesting to see.
  13. I will stick with official KS content only unless the mod is deemed to be top notch by Kunos or a significant majority of the community. I feel that the physics in AC are great the way they are.
  14. Kurupt CDN

    Kurupt CDN
    Touring car fanatic Premium

    I agree with a lot of the above comments about mods. What would be nice to see is have kunos monitor the mods and have them submitted to evaluate. Than have the community vote on which ones they want. The ones that they deem worthy have kunos do another pass to update and make sure it matches the ingame quality, and then posibly sell the mod for say $1 or $2 with half going to the modder for his time and the other half towards future licensing purchases....just my .02 tho everyone is happy, poor mods don't get in, mods don't get ripped off and income for future content and further development of the game.
    The only negative thing i can see is kunos not wanting to be involved in illegal mods and licensing infringements so mods without proper licenses would have to have fictional car names like the t5 mod in rfactor.
    That and the cheapos complaining about paying for someone elses hard work cause they feel it should be free ;)
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  15. The "realism mod" you are looking for (or not) will be called rubber build-up and it won't actually be a mod :) Right now track surface is perfectly rubberized all the time, it won't be like that in the future if I'm not mistaken
  16. The change people want is in the tyre model, not the surfaces.

    But I think AC gets the tyre model right.

    Easy to drive slowly, fairly easy to drive fairly fast, really hard to drive very fast, and smoothly, and get a good lap time, unless you want to under/oversteer or spin out where you don't want.

    Some cars do feel stupidly wrong, ie, MP4 12C doesn't seem to want to lift-off oversteer at 8000rpm in 2nd in a 1g bend it seems, while other cars will be happy to move around like the F458 or KTM.

    Any sim that feels like you are "driving on ice" is probably wrong.
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  17. I do agree with your last sentence Mr. Whippy, so much "seat of the pants" information is missing in racing SIMs and AC seems to allow for that in a way that no other SIM has done to date.
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  18. For me, only iracing and some of the rf2 cars drive like they're on ice.
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  19. If I live to be a hundred, I'll never understand it.
    "Why do people think the more a car cost or the higher the hp figures...the worst it drives and reacts to inputs?"
    I've spent a great deal of my life driving, fixing, helping build race cars.
    With very...and I mean a very few exceptions, most drive very, very well at speed.
    It's one of the most irritating things to deal with in simracing.
    Believe it or not, a good majority of you guys would do fairly well...until you stepped over your individual limits.
    Most race cars handle better by far over your everyday ride. They're more 'pointed' and quite precise.
    I watched a video few years back of Petter Solberg trying to drive RBR. He could barely do it and crashed in just a few turns from a checkpoint. When was the last time you saw him do that?
    Sim racing is fun but a lot of what you get with these 'reality' mods is purely for the benefit of making it seem a lot more difficult than it really is.
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