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Smoke in Q1

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Morgan Morand, May 24, 2012.

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  1. Hey.

    I notice that engine smoke was not forbidden during Q1 in monaco after i see there isn't no penalties against drivers.
    I thought ( even like Nilsonn ) it was forbidden like last year and the penalty was a Back of the grid.

    It"s totally impossible to follow a car smoking. the worst in monaco.
    Even if there will be no penalty i think for them,
    I think the organisator have to change it. there is several options.

    -Disable the engine smoke
    - Or disable rad1 ( like before bahrain 2011 ) for 1 race
    - Punish the driver who smokes.

    having smoke in our face is very unpleasant.
  2. You can turn off special effects in rFactor graphic settings to avoid the smoke.
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  3. I don't know what you mean by referring to my name. I have never ever commented on this issue, so I have no idea why you bring my name into this.
  4. Maybe it was another Nilsson :D
  6. That was a joke.
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  7. It's funny how you avoid the question to skew the way of the post.
    A president have to stand back and answer about it instead of make joking post about misunderstanding quotations about drivers.
    "The most professionnal league". :O_o:

    So i will reply myself, the smoke is allowed, we need just to disable Special effects.
    So tell to everyone, to make equality between drivers, and the man who make the broadcast, it was a smoke party during it.

    Hmmm after you tell this, this is more clear, fredrik :sneaky:

    Precision and spoljaric like party is here haha.
  8. I didn't need to reply because it's something you should know by reading the rule book.

    Anyway it shouldn't be a problem in the rest of the tracks (maybe at Hungary). Monaco is special due to its nature. Last year was different because we had smoking engines even at tracks with long straights like Bahrain.
  9. Ahh yes, offcourse David, helping paying members with a kind service of telling them some important info isnt your nature i understand.. When they can know by reading the rules, offcourse there is no way you could or should support them with some info or an answer about the current subject, sorry for beliving that...

    But you can reply when you want to troll.
  10. This isn't for the organisator to anticipate if monaco was "special", by repression or disable some things for this race only ?. This is unbelievable to read that.

    ps : It was so difficult for the driver to take rad2 for 1 lap Qrun or rad3 for 2 laps Qrun. ?
    We ( ATR ) made it in Q1 in monaco. because this is our responsability to not hamper others. and not the driver who suffers the smoke to disable one thing.
  11. To be a member, you need to have a license..
    Stop moaning about how people react. Act like a man and get your **** together and bounce back like you could with your pace.
  12. Being a paying member has some obligations as well, like reading and understanding the rules. Some people spent hours writing them, so if you have a question the first thing you should do is reading it. And then, if it's still not clear, ask.

    About the 2nd reply, it should be a responsability of everybody, administrators, mod testers, and drivers. And nobody mentioned anything about this before the race.
  13. I think your the last to talk about being a man Atze, running away from FSR last year to Iracing when you see you hadn't chance to beat Huis.

    ps : I did 1.12.7 in Q1 with smoke around, so shut up. This is not a problem of pace here.
  14. Yes and obviously he went to race Greger Huttu in iRacing, think he must have taken the wrong road while running away lol
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  15. Don't get so angry morandloveurr. Tag Heuer won't be happy with you if you rage like this in public.

    Anyway, yea, I made a horrible decision running the qualification for iRacing DWC. I ended up horrribleee brrrrr
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  16. If Morgan or anyone tried to get rules 'in his way' to win the championship, I'd not support him, but he clearly has a point here.

    Nowadays, in F1, there are some clear rules that are more about safety (Losing an aerodynamic part? You have to pit, otherwise you get DQ. Your engine is smoking? Go to the pits and if the problem doesn't fix, park your car on runoff places and retire.)There ain't safety issues from G27 Force Feedback I guess :p , but those rules should get respected also in FSR, cause people spend lots of time, they test 13 days per week to perform their best.

    Losing the race to these idiotic mistakes should stop.
    I'm a new driver in FSR, but i've followed race broadcasts a long time now, and I think this year there are some things which are not right. I really respect the Administration, I've read the Rules&Regulations, but I think there must be some slight modifications, that's all! :)

    P.S. Blue flagging, as I have some G27 related problems lately, and my pace is embarassing, I have to cope with blue flags, I sometimes get really nervous as I almost stall the car to make way to the guys who lap me, but its like they leave the throttle and cruise, when I go off the line, just pass me. I lost 5 seconds for a blue flag in Monaco..

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  17. The admins can only do so much, it's the driver's responsability to drive proper.

    George: A front-runner won't take the chance to screw up his race passing a backmarkers, as in open wheelers slight contacts can result in big damage, hence why they are careful, especially with new blood AND at Monaco. There is also no light flashing in open wheelers so you can't flash to make them know you let them pass.
  18. Good for you Atze, good for you! Finally you found something you could do for a longer period without quitting like allways! Well done! i feel happy for you :)

    Anyway, you said act like a man, but sorry but i read something sounds like a baby...
  19. You're partly right, but you know, I go completely off the line, you can hear my engine is on idle, and still, they stay behind me. :D Whatever, I'm just saying, my race was screwed up anyway.
  20. There is some disinformation in this thread. There is no rule in FSR regarding smoking engines, and having studied the rulebooks and raced in the FSR WC for the last 6 years, there never has been.

    How to race in smoke
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