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Small word about league commitment

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Bjorn de Haas, Dec 6, 2011.

  1. Guys i have to say a few things about league commitment,
    This year i took part in the RD skip barber league and i think we had like 28-29 sign ups.

    The first few races we had a decent grid but the last few rounds we were lucky if we had a 12 car grid!!!
    Guys honoustly if you sign up for a league please be commited because staffmembers put alot of work and dedication in it. ( i used to be staff here) and i also run a league now so i know the deal. Ofcourse you can miss a few rounds, we all have our busy lifes. work, family etc but come on if you start with something finish it or at least try to.

    I dont wanna pick on everybody here so dont take this writing personal but its something i really want to express to our community. We have a great group of racers here guys and with just a bit more cars on the grid these races would be epic. And more cars on the grid is something everybody is responsible for not only the staffmembers.
    We racingdrivers make a league we are the people who have to show dedication spirit and above all be proud to be part of a league.

    Thank you for your time,
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  2. only 1/3 of the participants dit 4 or more races

    hope the commitment wil be better in the next season if there wil be a next one
  3. Well said both.

    I know Joe posted a thread a bit back having a vent about the lack of turnout for league races. I full intended racing @ Zandvoort on Sunday, but contracted some odd .DLL file errors (USERENV.dll had a bad image and none of my .exe files would open). Ended up having to restore from a previous backup.

    I'd also had a few wheel issues towards the end of the MX-5 and Skippy seasons but tried to race when I could, but if I'm honest once the grid sizes begin to recede, so does my interest in racing. I'm not a podium hog or a race winner, but like Bjorn has said, seeing a full compliment of sign-ups commit to the league and then struggle to get a 50% full grid is a little sad.

    Racing at RD is free. Join in and enjoy it. If you're not going to race, don't sign up.

    Maybe, if we do have more league racing in 2012, we think about doing 1 league at a time and try and concentrate the interest and maybe have the league over a few more races (than the 5 or 6 we have had) and also include the option of drop races.
  4. yep, as an oldie at RD and a newbie at iracing I would really like to see a league in the first quarter of 2012. Is there a way one can split the cost of hosting? money always makes people come back. the general idea is: if it's free it's not worth it, isn't it?
  5. Well Eckhart its not a money issue this thing i would say and the cost to basicly host a league arent that high
    For like 6 euros you already have a good league etc
  6. well, let's get the show on the road then, using some basic content. do private leagues effect your iracing ratings? that might keep people off.
  7. Hosted events do not effect iracing ratings or licenses.
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  8. Lars Strijdonck

    Lars Strijdonck
    Six by nine. Forty two.

    Its always been like this iirc, what aint right is that the members are not notifying the admins about it.

    Last few months i have entered 2 whooping official races at iracing( and on both been wrecked) .
    I do have time for some practice but due to scocial live and work i wont drive more then one type of car in iRacing atm.
    I did however notified the admins that its was going to be a no show for me the end of the year.

    Also dont forget that every one gets there fun out of different aspects of sim racing, i like to participate but if i am not competitive i dont have much fun. Others might be just there to enter and have fun and thats fine to. I say this because there have been e few sundays i could have joined but i refuse to enter unprepared.
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  9. One thing I think may help, though it might seem counterintuitive, is to bring back drop races. It allows persons who cannot make all of the races still be competitive in the standings - so if you get stuck in traffic or are caring for a sick child or the significant other suddenly gets frisky, you don't throw away your season - and have less reason for showing up for the remaining races.
    I realize most of the regulars will show up anyway just to race with the guys (and the opportunity to beat William, Bjorn, and Larry refreshes itself weekly) - but for others they may want to feel 'in the running' - even for a top 10, and I can understand that. So making missing a race or two not a big deal may end up paying off in the long run. The lack of notifications of absence is an issue - particularly in series with reserves - so a penalty (moved to reserve list for next race or, less severe, starting from pit lane) could be established and enforced for those absent without notice.
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  10. Agree Eric.

    Having the option of drop weeks at least allows folks to plan their racign season and still meet the minumum race requirment. The only flip side to this IMO is tha to make drop races effective the seasons would need to be longer than 5 or 6 races we regularly have scheduled.

    This in turn then also opens up the possibility of the scenario we have now. Initial sign up is good, but as the weeks go by, the numbers drop off.

    I personally don't think there is any sure fire way to keep the number of attendees at an optimum level, but including some form of penalties in the rules could help. At least this way folks may think twice before just randomly signing up for a series they may not be genuinely committed to.

    Eric has hit on a few good ideas such as moving to reserve list for next race or being started from the pit lane. You could also set points gained from next race following an un-notified absence to say 50% of actual points scored.

    I'm sure the Admins will have some form of ruling to be put in place as and when the next batch of league series start getting drawn up.
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  11. good discussion guys i hope the admins will read it and for example take the drop races which are perfect for remaining competitive
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